Personality Traits That Indicate High Intelligence


Personality Traits That Indicate High Intelligence

Socioeconomic class, color, and gender are not factors in determining intelligence.  The greatest minds in history have emerged from a variety of backgrounds. However, research has revealed that bright personality do have some things in common.

If you’ve always believed that you are more intelligent than the typical bear, keep reading for some peculiar and startling indicators of intellect that you might just be able to relate to.

Staying up all night to work: intelligent personality

Personality Traits That Indicate High Intelligence

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Do you sleep through the night or do you get up and follow the sun? According to several research, smarter kids end up becoming nocturnal adults.

This notion is supported by a fascinating piece of science. The internal clock that determines sleep/wake cycles, the circadian rhythm, controls almost every living thing. But because humans may change their own internal clock, some people stay up late and some people get up early.

Humans used to go to sleep as soon as the sun went down and wake up with the light until very recently. According to the argument, more intellectual people evolved the ability to control their sleep cycles, which helped them adapt to modern life more successfully.

The oldest sibling

Are you the oldest of your family’s children? If so, you might also be the most intelligent person. Because they receive more mental stimulation throughout crucial developmental times, older siblings may be smarter than younger ones. Therefore, if you’re the oldest, you can discover that you possess more traits associated with high IQ than your younger siblings.

But don’t give up if you weren’t fortunate enough to be the first child born in your family. Additionally, studies reveal that while younger siblings are more likely to succeed in life, older siblings may be smarter. After all, success is not always the result of intelligence.

Love for cats: intelligent personality

Personality Traits That Indicate High Intelligence

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While studies suggests that cat lovers may be smarter than dog lovers, dogs may be the most devoted companions of man. A study by Carroll University examined the personality qualities of self-described dog and cat lovers, including intellect. Researchers discovered that although cat lovers outperformed dog lovers on intellect tests, dog lovers have more developed social abilities.

The fact that you have a cat, though definitely not the only factor in your heightened intelligence, is a sign of your fundamental character. Owners of dogs are frequently outgoing and lonely. The more introverted nature of cat owners, on the other hand, provides them more time to devote to reading, reflecting, and learning new things.

Messy and disorganized: intelligent personality

Mom always encouraged you to clean your room, but it can be an indication of intellect if it looks like a Category 4 cyclone just passed through.

A University of Minnesota study found that clutter encourages original thought. Participants in the study who were given a clean environment made conventionally “good” decisions, such as selecting an apple over chocolate. However, the messy-room participants overwhelmingly came up with inventive and original applications for ping pong balls when asked to do so.

According to the study, those who are organized make safer decisions, but persons who are notoriously disorganized (such as Albert Einstein) are more likely to produce innovative ideas.

Breastfeeding impact later during life

Personality Traits That Indicate High Intelligence

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The original superfood is breast milk. It has every essential vitamin that newborns require to survive during the first few months of life. However, artificial milk is an excellent substitute for breast milk because it also has lots of nutrients. What then makes breastfed infants smarter?

The effect “is probably due to long-chain fatty acids found in breast milk,” says Betty Vohr, a professor at Brown University. Infants benefit from long-chain fatty acids like DHA in the formation of association and memory, which may raise their IQ. These infants frequently develop into youngsters who are smarter than typical kids and adults.

There is no reason to fear if you bottle feed. Just be certain that your formula has DHA, and your child will likely be at the top of their class.

One-sided conversation

Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, frequently converses with himself while solving crimes. The clever (but fictional) investigator Sherlock might be right.

According to studies, talking to oneself may indicate a high level of intelligence. Speaking through a problem might help you keep your ideas and actions organized. Talking to yourself can also improve focus and speed up the completion of particular tasks. So tell the librarian you’re only trying to sharpen your intellect the next time you are shushed in the library for muttering to yourself.

Curiosity: intelligent personality

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The ability to manage complexity intellectually is determined by three factors. The most essential measure of intelligence is intelligence quotient (IQ), which is difficult to significantly increase as you get older.

However, the two additional indicators—emotional quotient (EQ) and curiosity quotient (CQ)—can be developed through time and may contribute significantly more to the potential to enhance cognitive function. Concentrating on enhancing these two qualities is a fantastic place to start if you’re looking to figure out how to become smarter.

Particularly, people with a higher CQ are more open to the unknown, preferring to elicit information and develop their own theories. Higher CQ cultivators frequently invest more intellectually in themselves.

Good sense of humor

The idea that a sense of humor signifies above-average intelligence may not sit well with you if you’ve ever seen the classic comedy Dumb and Dumber. But humor is an excellent indicator of intelligence to seek for.

In one study, students were tasked with creating captions for cartoons from the New Yorker. Students who scored higher on IQ exams tended to write the captions that they deemed the funniest.

However, people with high IQ traits don’t find just any humor amusing. Reader’s Digest asserts that those who enjoy dark humor are cleverer. One explanation for this is that a dark or difficult joke requires more mental processing power than a simple knock-knock joke.


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