Complete Art Business gift guide you must know


Art gift guide should be perfect in it. When it comes to art, artists needs that which they need. So, its better to consult an art gift guide before you present someone something.

Stabilo Pencil: Art gifts

Any artist would appreciate receiving a set of specialized coloured pencils, and according to artist Peter Shire, these are his favorites. “I use these for everyday tasks like taking notes with a pencil. But when I’m making anything, they’re incredibly helpful,” he says. They amazingly write on anything, so Shire uses them to mark metal, glazed pottery, and even glass.


Complete Art Business gift guide you must know (Photo from istock)

While not all artists are painters, many like to try with watercolours occasionally. A set like this one, suggested by artist Ashley Longshore, is therefore sure to be a hit unless watercolour is their area of expertise. Longshore describes her preferred watercolour palette as having “one of the best pigmentation and one of the widest ranges of colors.”

Quad dual-pad: Art gifts

While there are many expensive artist pads you could offer, there are times when getting a lot of something far more useful is the better option. Since I mostly develop geometric motifs, graph paper is a crucial component of my creative process, according to textile designer Aelfie Oudghiri. This little pad will be greatly appreciated whether you include it in a larger gift or spend a lot of money on a full year’s worth.

Studio storage

The sense of finally becoming organized may not seem like the most *fun* gift of all, but believe us when we say that it is a gift that goes on giving all year long! Check out these rolling carts, this do-it-yourself pegboard or a drying rack for your pricey brushes if you’re an artist who needs help organizing your studio space. Not sure exactly what would be the most beneficial? A gift certificate to IKEA or The Container Store works nicely in its place!

Art supplies gift card: Art gifts

In relation to studio equipment and supplies… When we asked artists to list the best presents they’ve ever gotten, a gift certificate to their preferred art supply store came out on top. Simple, but so adored by artists at all skill levels! Certificates are available from Blick Art Materials online or delivered right to your home. Or check to see if your neighbourhood art supply business is also giving away any discounts!

Everlasting flower bouquet: Art gifts

Complete Art Business gift guide you must know (Photo from istock)

Sometimes the gift is the card itself. You can send a heartfelt message on an everlasting bouquet of flowers by using 3D cards as exquisitely designed as Love pop’s thank you cards. Have you ever known a landscape artist? The complex blooms featured on the flower bouquet cards are long-lasting works of art that can serve as inspiration for paintings and never wither. The Wildflower Bouquet is one of our personal favourites since it may be presented at any time to that particular artist in your life as a way of saying “thank you” for adding color to the world. It will brighten up any studio.

Art books

Starting your own art business might be challenging because you no longer have an established support network. There isn’t a manager you can go to when you start to question your development, or someone instructing you what time to arrive at the studio. Therefore, books are the ideal solution! It’s a real place where you can go for ideas or business guidance to make artists feel less isolated on their journey! Artist Dana Piazza remembers Art/Work as being among the nicest presents he’s ever received.

Art games: Art gifts

Not cutting it on game night with Pictionary? Try playing a game where you can bid on well-known pieces of art and try to amass the biggest prices. In a game about an art museum, you take on the role of a world-class curator, gather well-known pieces of art, and plan exhibitions in an effort to maintain the institution. a board game featuring Bob Ross in which you get “chill points” by using your card hand to paint various landscape aspects with various colors and brushes. Or, a color puzzle that can only be put together by using one’s intuition for color, challenging even the most accomplished artist’s visual palette.

Original art

It goes without saying that artists adore art! Additionally, we wager that they have made indications about which artists they have a crush on. The nicest gift ever, according to artist Tammy Medlin, was a painting of one of her favorite artists. Another excellent notion? A watercolor portrait of herself painted by her best artist friend was Tina Tepe’s favorite gift. Which she described as a complete surprise. Spend some extra money on some fascinating ceramic pieces or a charming image of your pet, house, or preferred vacation place.


Teflon-coated scissors were a present that artist Daniele Frazier got a few years ago and adored. The Teflon coating on the scissors allows you to cut tape. Even sticky tape like duct tape, without the scissors becoming sticky over time. Which is why she loves them in addition to their stunning appearance. We all know the disgusting feeling of a pair of scissors that have been used too frequently on packing tape. Which is why these make a wonderful gift. However, nobody really buys themselves beautiful scissors. These are long-lasting and created in Japan, so the recipient can keep them for a while.

Paint brush: Art gifts

For us artists, buying paint brushes and pens, especially the higher-grade ones, may be pretty pricey. Therefore, if you’re seeking for a suitable gift for an artist. This leather brush purse can be a nice option. It serves as a fashionable yet secure location to store a painter’s most crucial tools, protecting them from being misplaced or harmed. This rolls out pouch can hold carving tools, pens, and pencils in addition to brushes. Making it useful for a variety of artistic mediums.

A coffee machine is must

Complete Art Business gift guide you must know (Photo from istock)

The next present suggestion for artists is a coffee maker, which obviously depends on your financial situation. However, it might be a good way to impress your painter. Who likely consumes too many mugs every day as it is. You should be able to discover something within your budget with a short search. If not, though, consider giving them a designer coffee set that they may create on their own in the studio. Stylish packaging or a device that will look fantastic in the home of a creative person? Better still.


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