Clubbing on a Budget: Enjoy without loosing your senses


Clubbing on a Budget: Enjoy without loosing your senses

Trying to save as much money as you can, wherever you are, wherever you can, is a part of student culture. They might be pretty pricey when it comes to a clubbing. If you don’t pay attention, the inebriated version of you will tap your card like there’s no tomorrow for drinks for all of your housemates or society members.

The fear is genuine when you wake up and realized you’ve spent the entire week’s spending of groceries on a night out.

This short list of easy tips will enable you to enjoy a free or inexpensive night out.

Pre-drinking: budgeted clubbing

Clubbing on a Budget: Enjoy without loosing your senses

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Pre-drinking, or making sure you’re at least tipsy before going to a party or nightclub, is not only a terrific money-saving tip but also a great social technique if you’re feeling a little nervous and need to loosen up before you arrive.

Because there isn’t a half-hour queue for the restroom or for drinks, you might discover that you enjoy your pre-drinks or after-parties far more than you did at the real event. This is because you aren’t worried about how much money you are spending.

If you’re hosting, you’re also in command of the music during pre-drinks. Make your own Spotify playlist with the songs that everyone enjoys listening to before heading out.

The ideal approach to pre-drink is to go to your neighborhood corner store or a budget supermarket like Asda and purchase your preferred alcoholic beverage and perhaps a mixer like lemonade or coke. Sharing alcohol with your roommates will ensure that you can all enjoy the night responsibly. If you divide a bottle of spirits among the four of you, it only costs five pounds. You’ll each have a few drinks without overindulging.

Club promotions: budgeted clubbing

Clubbing on a Budget: Enjoy without loosing your senses

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Get involved in club promotions. There are many different jobs available, from selling tickets to distributing flyers promoting a neighborhood nightlife.

Your responsibility as a club promoter is to encourage more people to attend a club. You essentially compile a guest list of friends or residents of your student residence to guarantee that people attend particular club nights.

The money and advantages differ from place to place, but generally speaking, you will get free admittance to the clubs you advertise along with one or two drinks, or you will get paid a certain commission for each person who goes.

Not only will you receive commission for tickets sold, but people who purchase tickets from you frequently pay less, skip the long lines, or even get in for free before a specific time.

Keep an eye out for any advertisements or group conversations in your dorm offering to join guest lists.

Working in marketing can be enjoyable and is a clever way to get a free or discounted night out.

You can participate in club marketing by getting in touch with nightclubs directly, or occasionally club promoters in your college town will reach out to you on social media and ask if you want to represent them.

Setting a budget

Clubbing on a Budget: Enjoy without loosing your senses

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It’s a good idea to budget your money for your night out in advance to avoid using it for other purposes, such as your savings for a train ticket to see a friend in another city.

To avoid being tempted to make further purchases, you can even withdraw your money from an ATM (one that doesn’t charge a fee) while leaving your card at home. However, since Covid, many locations still prefer that you pay via contactless because it speeds up the procedure.

If you do intend to carry cash, be sure to store it in a zip pocket or inside a wallet or pocketbook that you’ll always have with you.

Another tip is to move the money you intend to spend to one account while keeping the balance for other uses, like savings, in a different account. You can send the money back the following day, having made sure that you didn’t spend more than you intended to. We don’t want you to succumb to temptation because buying drinks can be expensive.

Reducing travel expenses: budgeted clubbing

Clubbing on a Budget: Enjoy without loosing your senses

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If you’re heading out for the evening and the club is close by, consider walking rather than taking an Uber or cab to save money. If you reserve the ride, it’s likely that you won’t get paid by the other passengers. And figuring out prices can be difficult. Making your journey there on foot may be a fun part of the evening. You’ll probably run into other students who are going in the same direction.

If you must walk home or to a night out after midnight, make sure you do so in a well-lit area and with other people.

Walking instead of taking a more expensive option can be a terrific way to save money. But if you’re going some distance, it might not always be the safest choice. Calculate how long it will take you to get on foot, by automobile. Or by public transit to a specific location using Google Maps.

Attending free event

Attending a free event is the best way to save money on a night out! Numerous restaurants and nightclubs hold various club nights without a cover charge, so all you have to pay for are your beverages.

If you’ve had your prenatal care, you’ll save even more because you won’t need to purchase any or very few drinks. Free events are occasionally superior to those that cost a lot of money. Since, your expectations are less likely to be high.

Avoid buying rounds: budgeted clubbing

Clubbing on a Budget: Enjoy without loosing your senses

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Although it may seem like a smart idea at the moment, buying rounds is sometimes a bit of a fraud.

Imagine that you and some of your student housing neighbors are out on the town. And someone offers, “If you get the first round of drinks in, I’ll get the second in”?

It appears nice at first because you won’t have to wait as long for everyone to be served. And you’ll be reimbursed for your subsequent drink. However, it frequently happens that those who are supposed to acquire the next round forget about it. Refuse to collect everyone’s drinks, or even vanish into the crowd at the vital moment.


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