Best Boats to Buy For a Fun Time in the Water


Best Boats to Buy For a Fun Time in the Water

Congratulations! Your quest to find the one of the best boats for you and your family has begun now that you’ve jumped into the exciting world of boats. Prepare yourself since making this choice could be quite tense. There is a boat out there for everyone, regardless of your preferences, hobbies, or size of piggy bank, so don’t worry.

Now, how do you narrow the choices down when there are so many different boat classes, sizes, brands, and models? Well, in that case, this handy guide acts as a loyal ally and comes to the rescue. Just keep in mind that sacrifices are unavoidable when it comes to boats.

You will likely understand that there is no one-size-fits-all ship for every activity, so you’ll have to weigh your wants and needs, just like when choosing the ideal car for you and your family.

This is true whether you’re a novice boater who is still learning basic boat terminology or an old salt who keeps up with the latest boat design trends. Numerous classifications can be used to categorize various types of boats, but we’ve distilled the most popular options into our top boat classes. So start looking for boats!

Bowriders: best boats

Best Boats to Buy For a Fun Time in the Water

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One of the most well-liked boat kinds on the water are bowriders. They are suitable for anything from straightforward day trips to water skiing. Furthermore, whereas in the past bowriders were constrained in size and scope, we have recently witnessed a push towards larger and larger versions, frequently with accommodations ranging from enclosed heads to full-blown cabins.

The Four Winns H440, a huge boat with a bow cockpit reached by passing through a saloon with amenities including a full galley and a sofa, is the most extreme example. The Sea Ray SLX-R 400e is another sizable bowrider that has lately entered the market.

But for the majority of us, the traditional bowrider designs in the 18- to 26-foot range will be more appealing. These are considerably less expensive than the larger models while still allowing a family to participate in a wide variety of aquatic activities. Although there are many outboard options available, stern drives are the most common kind of propulsion.

The price of stern drives has increased slightly as a result of the most recent pollution rules, bringing them on par with outboard motors in terms of price.

Cruisers: best boats

Best Boats to Buy For a Fun Time in the Water

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There are many various sizes and styles included in this category. A cruiser can be any powerboat with overnight accommodations, a kitchen, and the range to transport you to new and distant ports in its most basic form. They can be anywhere from 30′ or so up to 100′ mega-yacht proportions, and they typically have rather rapid cruising speeds (otherwise they’d probably fall into the trawler group). There are few cruisers that are outboard-powered, but the majority are propelled by inboard motors, stern drives, or pod drives.

Freshwater fishing boats

An essential piece of equipment is a freshwater fishing boat, whether you want to go casting for bass or trolling for lake trout. Despite the fact that there are many subcategories and specialized, species-specific boats available, we will divide this category into three primary options that cover the entire spectrum: bass boats, multi-species boats, and aluminum fishing boats.

  • Bass boat: The sole purpose of these highly specialized boats is to catch largemouth bass. They are incredibly quick, have high-tech fish-finders and bow-mounted electric trolling motors, and have live-wells that preserve the catch until weigh-in time at the tournament dock in order to achieve this purpose. All these extras come at a price, too, and bass boats are sometimes among the costliest freshwater fishing boats available. They’re not great for many other types of fishing because they’re so specialized.

Pontoon boats: best boats

Best Boats to Buy For a Fun Time in the Water

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You’re likely to encounter a lot of pontoon boats, whether you’re on a lake in Arizona or a bay along the Atlantic Coast. These boats float on two, occasionally three, aluminum “logs” rather than a fiberglass hull. They used to be sluggish and awkward, very unsightly, and not very seaworthy, but these issues are things of the past now. Pontoon boats can now be incredibly fast, stylish, and pleasant to ride on.

They still aren’t the best option for bodies of water that frequently have high waves, it’s true. However, they are really sturdy, have many deck space, and because of their modular design, you can choose from a virtually limitless number of seating configurations and even add items like wet bars, towing arches, and more. Consider the Premier Sunsation 270, which features a water slide that launches you into the lake from the second floor and a double-decked, triple-log pontoon with twin Yamaha F300 outboards.

Runabouts: best boats

The term “runabout” is actually a catch-all that encompasses a wide range of vessels, including bowriders, ski-fishing boats, and tiny speedboats. These all have one thing in common: they are all tiny, open vessels designed for daytime use in favorable weather. Additionally, although some boaters may view their open design as a disadvantage, it should be seen as a benefit as well—after all, you didn’t buy a boat to escape the heat and water, did you?


Best Boats to Buy For a Fun Time in the Water

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Everyone is not suited to sailing. It necessitates mastering the ability to adjust the sails and steer with the ever-changing wind. But if you’re the kind of person for whom the route may be at least as fulfilling as the destination, and if a green ride is also essential to you, think about selecting a boat with a mast and sails.

Saltwater fishing boats

A saltwater fishing boat is in your future if you enjoy scouring the mangroves for redfish and snook, trolling the rips for striped bass, or running offshore in quest of tuna and marlin. Yes, there is yet another extraordinarily wide selection  here.


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