Beaches in South America You Must Visit Once 


Beaches in South America You Must Visit Once

The best beaches in South America provide a variety of experiences, including isolated sandy coves, crowded city shorelines, and unique beaches with free-ranging iguanas. Almost any activity you can imagine is available, from exhilarating adventures to peaceful retreats in your own private area, all set against the breathtaking scenery of mountains, jungles, and cliffs.

South American beaches are fantastic places to observe iguanas, penguins, dolphins, and whales in addition to dolphins and whales, making them the best-kept secret for sunbathers. It is far less expensive when compared to other tropical regions.

 Taipus de Fora: best beaches to visit

Beaches in South America You Must Visit Once

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The area has undergone significant development as a result of the increase in tourists, making Taipus de Fora less enigmatic than it once was. Despite the area’s current abundance of hotels, shops, and restaurants, the area’s major draw remains the shoreline’s unmatched natural beauty.

Taipus de Fora has more than seven kilometres of soft, white beaches, rows of tall coconut trees, and waters that are consistently blue. Divers and snorkelers can explore the area at high tide when there is an abundance of marine life. The shoreline is exposed at low tide and is dotted with numerous natural ponds that span coral reefs.

Colombia’s Tayrona National Park

Because they are untamed, untouched, and breathtakingly gorgeous, the beaches in Colombia’s Tayrona National Park (as well as the beaches nearby) have a lot to be proud of. One of Colombia’s most beautiful and varied landscapes is Tayrona National Park, which is close to Santa Marta on the Caribbean.

Tayrona was made the second-most visited park in Colombia after being declared as a protected area in the 1960s. The entire beachfront of the park is spectacular. The untamed foliage and swaying palm palms that surround Tayrona’s beaches give them a retro vibe. Cabo San Juan is one of the busiest beaches in the park and is well known for its twin beaches, which resemble mirror images of one another.

The Fernando de Noronha: best beaches to visit

Beaches in South America You Must Visit Once

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An hour’s sail from Brazil’s coast, the Fernando de Noronha island offers a beach experience unmatched anywhere else in the nation. Fernando de Noronha is made up of 21 islands and islets that were produced by submerged volcanic ranges.

There is a wide variety of marine species in this tropical area, such as sea turtles, spotted dolphins, albatrosses, and humpback whales. It’s a fantastic vacation option for those who enjoy entirely empty beaches as well. One of the islands’ most beautiful beaches is the secluded cove known as Praia do Sancho.

To reach this location, one must first cross a wooden boardwalk, then proceed down precarious ladders and through tight rock passageways.

Playa Almejal: best beaches to visit

Playa Almejal is a stunning two-kilometer-long beach. It has black sands and dense flora on either side, hidden away in a remote region of Colombia. The 20-minute walk from the beach to the Afro-Colombian area of El Valle passes via eco-lodges, hotels, and top-notch eateries.

The Playa Almejal turtle protection program is situated in a serene environment with warm water for swimming and surfing. The black, abrasive sands aren’t great for tanning. They’re great for taking a leisurely stroll and listening to the waves lap on your feet and passing driftwood.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Beaches in South America You Must Visit Once

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One of Uruguay’s most well-known beaches becomes a hotspot for celebrities as soon as summertime starts. The two main beaches in this cosmopolitan city, Playa Mansa (Tame Beach) and Playa Brava. Even the sand differs between beaches. Playa Mansa has softer, whiter sand while Playa Brava has more abrasive, golden sand. The two beaches are separated by a sizable sculpture of a hand with fingers half submerged in the sand.

In addition to being a well-liked destination for water sports and tanning, Punta del Este has a lot to offer off the sand, including a long road lined with stylish shops, various bakeries, and cafés.

Cabo Polonio, Uruguay: best beaches to visit

For a truly remote beach experience, nothing beats Cabo Polonio. The ultimate beach spot in Uruguay is Cabo Polonio, which is tough to get there.  Small shacks are all that are present, strewn across the sand dunes, and there is no electricity in the area.

A few basic shack restaurants and posadas (inns) offer the nice basics. You can dine by candlelight and fall asleep here while listening to the waves.

Visit the neighbourhood sea lions or go swimming for some enjoyment. Or just lie down in the sunshine for absolute serenity.

Playa Roja, Peru

Playa Roja (Red Beach), which is located in the centre of the Paracas National Reserve, is appropriately named due to its rust-colored sands. Due to their setting between the sea and the yellow cliffs, the red sands are breathtaking. The tropical desert that makes up the majority of the reserve, along with strong winds, creates stunning contrasts with the frothy blue waters.

Playa Roja was created to preserve the nature and is distant and undeveloped. This area is characterised by a lack of infrastructure, food vendors, and traffic. The South American fur seal, marine otters, and pelicans all make their homes on the red sands, so if you decide to stroll to the beach, be prepared to share it with them.

Ovahe Beach, Easter Island, Chile: best beaches to visit

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With its reddish cliffs, turquoise water, and almost pink beach, this place practically has an otherworldly appearance. The result of the mixing of volcanic rocks and deteriorated coral is Ovehe Beach, which is tucked away in a little cove and usually ignored by tourists. The beach as a result has mostly remained unmodified and unspoiled.


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