It’s heartbreaking to witness a metal band disband; there are many reasons why bands discontinue recording and touring, including lack of funds, poor health, devotion to other endeavors, and general readiness to call it quits. Many bands have ended their careers throughout the history of metal, and, to be completely honest, we aren’t ready to say goodbye to some of them just yet. Give us one more record at least! Give us a tour of the reunion! Something!


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One of the most outstanding North American black metal bands to ever exist is Agalloch. Five studio albums were produced by the group, which was formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2016. Agalloch had a black metal sound that is comparable to that of Wolves In The Throne Room or Panopticon if you like such bands. The band’s songs each have a unique ambience that draws on mysterious powers. It is music that combines serene and primitive elements to create a fascinating kind of heaviness. The Serpent & the Sphere, the group’s most recent studio album, came out in 2014.


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The Murderdolls were true horror-rock delights, featuring the late Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison (who later assumed the role of guitarist) and horror rocker Wednesday 13. Two studio albums—2002’s Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls and 2010’s Women and Children Last—were released by the group while they were active. The band’s songs were all tongue-in-cheek horror bangers; like a perfect storm, Jordison’s wicked sounding guitars would drive Wednesday 13’s wailing vocals and vice versa. But in addition to Jordison, the band’s previous drummer Ben “The Ghoul” Graves also went dead. It would be amazing to watch the band’s other members work with horror rocker Wednesday 13 if she was up to it.


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Undoubtedly, many metalheads have talked about this one. For some time, people have questioned whether Pantera will ever reunite. There have even been discussions of Zak Wylde filling in as guitarist. However, Vinnie Paul, the drummer for Pantera, went dead in 2018, leaving two enormously large pair of shoes to fill if Pantera were to ever reform. If Pantera made a comeback, who would you want to see attempt to stand in for the guitarist and drummer, with vocalist Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown participating in their different artistic endeavors?

The Dillinger Escape Plan

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Bands with high energy levels are common, but few have managed to capture The Dillinger Escape Plan’s furious yet controlled mayhem. The metalcore/mathcore act demonstrated that they were not only crazy on stage but also incredibly inventive geniuses in the studio. The group has released six studio albums since it was founded in 1997. With each subsequent album, the band showed incredible development, creating music that was both complex and heavy. Through the use of abrupt time signature changes, polyrhythms, and other peculiarities in their playing, the band was able to produce compositions with a surreal character that could always take listeners by surprise.


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Slayer hasn’t been gone that long compared to some of these other bands, but come on, we’d love to hear more music and see you guys on tour! Only Slayer has retired out of the Big 4. The group was founded in 1981, and in 2015, they released their most recent studio album, Repentless. We’d like to imagine that the band has something big in store for us at any time—possibly a surprise album or tour. Only hope remains!

Necrophagist: best drummers from all bands

Although the group officially declares a break, according to a remark made by their drummer in 2013, it has been about 18 years since we’ve heard a new Necrophagist album. In 2004, these German death metalheads released Epitaph, a killer album that still stands as a testament to their high technical prowess by mixing their death metal with baroque-like songs. We’d love to hear what the band could come up with today given what they accomplished on Epitaph, but technical death metal has advanced significantly since 2004.

Chimaira: every bands’ love

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Early in the new millennium, the incredible band Chimaira fused nu metal and groove. These metalheads from Cleveland, Ohio know how to write a song that kicks, complete with scorching beats that remind us of Pantera. When we say that Chimaira’s music was undeniably catchy and rife with aggression, you’ll know what we mean if you’ve ever heard the song “Pure Hatred” by that band. The trio, which had split up in 2014, reunited in 2017 for a single performance. The world constantly needs more of Chimaira’s intense pulsation and thrilling grooves.

Kylesa: a Rockstar for bands

Despite being on an “indefinite sabbatical,” another band is not formally retired. Each song by these sludge metal stoner rockers packs a powerful punch; the band’s music strikes a perfect mix between catchy and hard, with the rhythms providing liveliness beneath a heavy, sludgy atmosphere. In 2016, Kylesa announced their hiatus on their Facebook page, having released seven records since their formation in 2001. Kylesa appeal to individuals who want a rock ‘n’ roll sound but are looking for something heavier with riffs that exude sludgy and stoner tones. We’re hoping to hear that the band is back and ready to release new music one day.

Isis: sizzling among bands

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Isis front man Aaron Turner is quite busy with all of his musical endeavors, but gosh, we really would want to see them come back. Isis has advanced the heavy music genre into fresh and intriguing waters as a key player in the post-metal movement. The band not only demonstrates the range of sounds metal is capable of, but also challenges preconceived notions of what heavy music is on albums like 2000’s Celestial and 2004’s Panopticon. We can always hope, though, because Turner has a lot going on with his other projects, his band Sumac, and his music career.


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