AI writing tools You Must Try Today 


AI writing tools You Must Try Today

AI writing tools have been the talk of the town ever since ChatGPT made its debut last year. They may not be taking over the world just yet, but they are developing quickly and can now be quite helpful, given the correct conditions.

When used properly, these AI text generators can make your job easier and faster while producing professional, consistent copy.

Naturally, for any AI writing program to function at its best, human oversight is required. Even though it may seem like something a human authored, when left to its own devices, it usually generates content that is pretty general and typically wrong.

Since AI tools are becoming more widely used, people also seem to know what bland content created by AI looks like and can probably recognize it, or at the very least, they should be wary of stuff that seems to be missing something. Explore more here.

Jasper: AI writing tools

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One of the most feature-rich and potent AI content creators is Jasper (previously Jarvis). It feels like a more sophisticated tool than most of the other apps because it was one of the initial waves of programs created on top of GPT and because of its relative duration. It has persisted in expanding and changing.

Jasper ought to be one of the first apps you test if you own a business and money, isn’t your main focus. It used to produce only generic AI content, but now it focuses mostly on marketing campaigns. Plans now start at $125/month for teams and $49/month for individual producers, which isn’t a bad thing. can accomplish almost anything Jasper can. It lacks a browser extension but contains team features, chatbots, Infobase, and brand voices. Think of it as the McDonald’s to Jasper’s Burger King.

Additionally, caters to slightly varied tastes, just as the Home of the Whopper. slows things down a bit and invites you to work with its chatbot or utilize a template that poses some thoughtful, pointed questions, whereas Jasper allows you and the AI go at it loose.

The price difference is significant. offers limitless brand voices and five user seats for $49 a month, while both offer plans for the same price. For a small staff managing several brands, this can be far less expensive. Also, provides a free plan with 2,000 words per month if you’re searching for a free AI writing generator.

Anyword: AI writing tools

AI writing tools You Must Try Today 

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None of the apps on this list make it as simple as Anyword, even though you may instruct the AI to highlight particular facts and give precise details for each app. More than any other, this AI doesn’t feel like a beast you have to tame with obscure instructions; instead, it feels like an enthusiastic and somewhat skilled underling that needs some micromanaging (and can also try to emulate your writing style and brand voice).

Consider the Blog Wizard, one of its primary content-generating tools. Similar to, you must enter any SEO keywords you wish to target and explain the blog post you want the AI to write during the setup process. After that, Anyword provides you with a selection of titles and an estimated engagement score.


Because Sudowrite is specifically designed for fiction authors, it is a very different tool from everything else on this list. And a great deal of controversy follows with it. Many writers on Very Online have referred to Sudowrite as “an insult to writers everywhere” and have largely written it off as a hacker’s tool. Although it can’t truly replace a human author, it’s still enjoyable, practical, and can really help with creating fiction.

The best part is that using Sudowrite is quite simple. Other developers might take note from the app’s onboarding, tool tips, and overall helpful attitude.

Writer: AI writing tools

AI writing tools You Must Try Today 

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GPT has a significant amount of baggage. around the specific data that went into making the several iterations of GPT-3 and GPT-4, OpenAI has been less than forthcoming, and it is currently embroiled in a number of legal disputes around the usage of protected content in its training dataset.

For the majority of people, this is a hazy situation with plenty of exceptions and grey areas.

For companies, however, who wish to use AI writing tools without the controversy, GPT is not and will not be an option for some time to come.


Although practically every program on this list makes use of GPT, the majority are very evasive regarding which specific version they are using at any one time.

This is significant because the GPT-3.5 Turbo API has three different pricing models: GPT-4 starts at $0.06/1K tokens, the most powerful version costs $0.12/1K tokens, and the entry-level version is $0.002/1K tokens (around 750 words).

All of this shows that most apps probably rely on one of the more moderate (though still excellent) GPT-3 models for most text production, and may not use GPT-4 in all situations.

Rytr: AI writing tools

AI writing tools You Must Try Today 


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Most of the apps on this list are meant for professionals, businesses, and other folks on a tight budget. That’s not exactly a hobbyist-friendly amount of money, so check out Rytr if you’d like to experiment with AI text generators without going over budget.

There is a free plan that allows you to write 10,000 characters (or around 2,500 words) per month and has many of the features, including some AI-generated pictures and a plagiarism checker. With the $9/month Saver plan, you can produce 100,000 characters, or roughly 25,000 words, each month. Additionally, you can create up to 20 photos per month with that plan—a feature that many other applications charge extra for. (There is an unlimited plan available for $29/month as well, but Writesonic offers greater value at that point.)


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