AI writing tools: Because it’s time to do some Smart Work


AI writing tools: Because it’s time to do some Smart Work

There is disagreement in the public on the usage of AI writers. These tools can help you produce more content and optimize your operations, but they are noticeably lacking in the human element. More importantly, we don’t know how Google feels about this kind of information or if using it could result in penalties.

Any writer, from content marketers to students to renowned authors, can make use of these immensely potent tools.

Wordtune: AI Writing Tools

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If you’re stuck as a content writer, Wordtune is a simple sentence rewriter. All you need to do is select the top six ideas that the AI-powered writing assistant generates in a matter of seconds.

You can utilize the fantastic free version on a daily basis, albeit the quantity of rewrites is limited. The AI-powered writing tool may also lengthen, shorten, or make your work more official. Paying plans start at only $9.99 a month.


A content writer with artificial intelligence, Quillbot is like a Swiss army knife of tools. A few clever tools on the site assist content authors with rephrasing text, checking grammar and plagiarism, summarizing, and co-writing. In essence, you may use it to polish your posts so that each one is distinct and adheres to search engine best practices.

I adore Quillbot because it can be used for so many different kinds of content, such as blog entries, product descriptions, sales emails, and social media postings. Put differently, the software is ideal for marketing writers who work on a variety of projects during the day.

Sudowrite: AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools: Because it's time to do some Smart Work

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As far as editing original text goes, this writing platform is unmatched. When it comes writing long-form content, Sudowriter is just incredible; it produces the greatest outcomes for novels and ebooks.

It uses natural language processing, just like the other platforms on the list, to offer style recommendations. Feedback, one of its main functions, lets you adjust problematic regions, and Twist can offer your compositions a fresh perspective. All things considered, Sudowrite is among the greatest copywriting tools I’ve ever used, and it will undoubtedly help you produce excellent content for your visitors.


The original sophisticated editor tool, Grammarly, is compatible with almost any writing process and may be used by users of any writing ability. Actually, Grammarly serves as both a content editor and a teaching tool in my opinion. Using this application, I have, for once, greatly improved my workflow.

This important tool not only fixes grammar errors but also enhances the readability and style of your work. The business recently added an AI tool that can greatly simplify your marketing procedures.

Longshot: AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools: Because it's time to do some Smart Work

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Longshot is the ideal complement to your content process because it offers a feature-rich long-form editor and bulk content creation. The platform holds your hand—or rather, your keyword—as you work through the many stages of creating content.

The platform interface will generate a piece based on your specifications once you supply the fundamental data.


WordAi is ideal for creating infinite amounts of material. This platform focuses on rewriting rather than creating material from start like other software solutions do. In particular, bulk rewrites work well for major marketing initiatives where updating previously published blog content is required.

The platform can repurpose user-generated material, short-form content, and high-performing cold emails in addition to lengthy pieces.

Describely: AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools: Because it's time to do some Smart Work

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This platform stands out from the competition because of its eCommerce-focused features. Describely allows you to move whole categories, which makes managing your web-shop a breeze. It is compatible with major platforms such as Amazon and Shopify.

Describely is ideal for search engine optimization because it allows you to improve the performance of your content by adding important keywords and information.


The fact that this program is designed for sales teams is obvious to even the most unsophisticated user. Conversions are the primary objective of the platform, which employs proprietary technology.

Software developers can brag about their additional SEO features in addition to their eye-catching language. With the platform’s keyword optimization feature, you may cover the most pertinent keywords. Additionally, the program excels at coming up with original concepts for your company. Thus, when you buy this program, you’re not just getting an AI writer; you’re also getting a whole content management system.

INK: AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools: Because it's time to do some Smart Work

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INK is a feature-rich suite made up of many minor features and handy tools. The designers made the decision to develop certain features in accordance with particular content formats. Thus, you can experiment with tools like a YouTube idea generator, creative tale writer, and cold email generator.

Naturally, the primary focus of INK is material that is optimized for search engines. Its robust keyword capability will guarantee that you’re focusing on the most appropriate keywords for your company. Its clustering functionality, which can help you when constructing funnels and a sales pipeline, particularly astounded me.


It’s unlikely that a marketer hasn’t used Frase at least once. The platform is regarded as one of the best online tools for text optimization for search engines. Once you enter the main keyword, Frase will provide you with a list of suggested keywords to use in the article.

Above all, the product can assist you in assessing whether your efforts were in vain. The upper right corner of your item displays a score that indicates how well-optimized it is. It is important to consider this minor feature before releasing a piece because it is ideal for benchmarking.

GrowthBar: AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools: Because it's time to do some Smart Work

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GrowthBar handles all facets of content optimization, serving as a one-stop shop. The SaaS will display search traffic along with the difficulty score once you enter your target keyword.

You can review the headlines and if you incorporated pertinent terms after creating a piece. GrowthBar’s collaborative features make it ideal for larger teams, and you’ll love all the extra integrations that make your process for content creation even more efficient.


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