10 Fun Games to play with your pet Dog in Summers

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Isn’t there just something wonderful about summer? Summer brings a relaxed, cool vibe that feels liberating, from pleasant nights spent outdoors to the soothing long weekends. It is the time to make the most of those free feelings by arranging fun games for you and your dog.  This will include both ordinary and extraordinary dog fun games. Planning enjoyable activities for your dog at this time of year is perfect.

For a whole summer schedule filled with enjoyable activities for you and your dog, continue reading. Thinking about which games to start with your dog. We’ve got you covered with our Summer of Puppy Love, a season-long schedule of exciting large adventures and enjoyable smaller trips that is inspired by summer camps.

While some ideas require little to no preparation and may be enjoyed on a lazy afternoon, others call for a little more work. In either case, have faith that the time you spend playing with your dog will be well worth the effort. A excellent approach to keep your dog active, occupied, and out of trouble is to play games with them. The best part is that both you and your dog will enjoy it a lot.

Here’s the list of 10 dog fun games that you will enjoy playing with your dog:

  1. Tug of War

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It’s entertaining, enjoyable, a terrific kind of physical exercise, and a great opportunity for dogs to work on impulse control and politeness. A tug toy is also one of the most motivating rewards available if you’ve spent a lot of time teaching your dog.

Just keep in mind that the game of tug ends once your dog’s fangs come into contact with your skin. Given that pull can get some dogs (especially puppies) fairly fired up. And in contrast to common thinking, that playing tug with him will make him aggressive or dominant is untrue. Giving your dog the victory makes the game more interesting and shows to your dog that you are a lot of fun.

  1. Flirt stick among dog fun games

A simple technique to keep your dog busy both mentally and physically is to use a flirt stick. They’re especially beneficial for energetic dogs because just one brief session can leave your dog exhausted. A long stick with a rope connected to the end is known to as a flirt stick (or flirt pole).

A lure is attached to the end of that rope so your dog will want to chase it. Flirt sticks are both a great form of exercise and mental stimulation. They allow your dog to express their innate predatory drive in a constructive manner. Additionally, they’re excellent for training fundamental impulse control techniques like stopping abruptly.

  1. Agility Course important among dog fun games

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A fun way to exercise both your dog’s mind and body is to use an agility course. A hula hoop, some blankets, and some tiny miniature cones can all be used for jumping through, jumping over, and weaving through.

You can create your own agility equipment if you want to take it a step further. It’s a fun method to teach your dog new skills, and it gives canines a lot of cerebral exercise.

  1. Frisbee

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Frisbee is another enjoyable pastime to play with your dog. It encourages your dog to go vast distances in pursuit. Start with a soft disc if your dog doesn’t know how to catch a Frisbee.

Traditional plastic Frisbees can deter your dog from trying to catch it if they strike them in the face because they are fairly harsh.

  1. Food Dispensing Toys

One of the simplest games to play with your dog is one that uses a food dispenser toy. As an alternative, you can use a towel and roll it up to conceal some snacks within.

Try giving your dog this if they experience some anxiety every morning when you go for work. They have to bang it to get the food out after you fill it up. It could take some practice if your dog has never used a food dispensing toy before.

  1. Water Games among dog fun games

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For dogs, especially those who enjoy swimming, visiting the neighbourhood beach may be a lot of fun (for safety, don’t forget to pack a dog life jacket).

Bring some dog toys along so you may play fetch in the water. You can play some water sports in your own garden if your dog isn’t a strong swimmer or if there aren’t any beaches close by. Get a kiddy pool made of plastic and fill it with water.

  1. Chase Bubbles

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Teach your dog to chase bubbles is the best game to play with them. If your dog is only learning how to chase bubbles, start by blowing a few bubbles at a time.

They ought to be informed of them so that they can go after them. Catch a few of them yourself to show your dog there is no need to be afraid and that the goal of the game is to catch them before they hit the ground.

  1. Nose Work Games

Like all find the treats games, nose work games are fun and challenging ways to help our dogs improve their natural sniffing ability.

To begin the game of “find the treats,” have your dog stay while you place some treats on the ground. Release your dog and instruct them to “find the treats.” If they are having trouble, point to them and assist them. Praise them each time they locate one to help them along the road

  1. Hide and Seek among dog fun games

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Hide and seek is another entertaining game to play with your dog. It gives your dog the chance to enjoyably and stimulatingly make use of some of their innate scent-tracking abilities.

Ask your dog to stay so you may go find a hiding place when playing hide and seek. Call your dog once you’re in position, and then reward them when they locate you.

  1. Digging Box Game

Some dogs enjoy digging, so providing them with a special digging area—one that isn’t in your planted garden—will encourage them to do so. Use sand and some wood to create your own digging box for your dog.

Hence, these are a few dog fun games you should try with your dogs during summers.



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