Your Favorite Sports Teams Listed


Your Favorite Sports Teams Listed

While many struggling sports teams yearn for a bigger fan base, better media coverage, and greater visibility, certain teams just naturally take the limelight, like on your favorite teams.

These clubs continue to shine in front of the hungry camera lens of the sports media, regardless of their legendary championship resume, enormous roster, or yearly controversy.

Philadelphia Flyers: know your team

Your Favorite Sports Teams Listed

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It is simple to understand why the Flyers have such a devoted fan base given that their all-time points percentage of.578 (at the end of the previous season) is second-best in the NHL (after the Montreal Canadiens’.590).

While Philadelphia sports supporters are renowned for their ferocious behavior at other athletic events, an NHL game is a completely different animal.

Any team is supposed to be motivated by an average of 19,697 crowded, anxious, and enthusiastic fans.

Portland Trailblazers

This slick franchise must be at least somewhat popular because from 1977 to 1995, 814 straight home games were sold out (the longest home game sellout run in American major professional sports).

Despite the fact that the Trail Blazers have only won one title and have dealt with the illegal scandal surrounding former players dubbed as the “Jail Blazers,” recent success has unquestionably given supporters hope for a bright future.

However, their decision to select Greg Oden with the first overall pick in the 2007 Draught is now looking terrible.

Ottawa Senators: know your team

Your Favorite Sports Teams Listed

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While the original Ottawa Senators were Stanley Cup champions on 11 occasions, the new team (established in 1990) has seen recent success that has attracted a sizable following.

The Senators, who were valued at $201 million as of 2011 by Forbes Magazine, have participated in the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals and won four division championships. They also won the Presidents’ Trophy in 2003.

Averaging more than 18,000 spectators every game since 2005, their steadfastly devoted audience has continued to attend.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints in 2010 had arguably the greatest narrative in NFL history.

The Saints are infamous for taking longer than a decade to finish with a.500 record, two decades to have a winning season, and more than four decades to make it to the Super Bowl. However, they have since developed into a high-flying offensive force that thrills fans.

Following Hurricane Katrina, this team persevered behind Drew Brees’ “bruised” shoulder to defeat the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV and win New Orleans its first championship.

Ohio State Buckeyes Football: know your team

Your Favorite Sports Teams Listed

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Even though the prestigious reputation of the Ohio State football program has momentarily been damaged by recent claims against illustrious quarterback Terrelle Pryor and the dismissal of iconic head coach Jim Tressel, the Buckeyes are unquestionably still adored.

A return to the national spotlight for the Buckeyes appears near with Braxton Miller making fans drool and Urban Meyer’s recent employment as head coach of the former Florida Gators.

Calgary Flames

The Flames’ franchise player Jarome Iginla, who leads the team in games played, goals scored, and points, is perhaps the biggest draw for fans despite the team’s two Presidents’ Trophies and five division titles.

Nevertheless, they continue to grow in popularity.

The Calgary franchise owns teams in the Western Hockey League (Calgary Hitmen) and the National Lacrosse League (Calgary Roughnecks), and since moving there, it has donated more than $32 million to charitable causes in southern Alberta.

Without a doubt, the Flames have earned the community’s extreme satisfaction.

New York Rangers: know your team

Your Favorite Sports Teams Listed

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The New York Rangers, who appear to be the NHL’s equivalent of the Knickerbockers, don’t mind being in the spotlight when competing at the storied Madison Square Garden venue.

A horde of devoted supporters clutch to their couch with eagerly clasped hands while 18,171 average fans crowd the stands.

In New York, the record and attendance rarely appear to follow one another.

Philadelphia Eagles

With one of the NFL’s most attractive cheerleading squads, the Eagles inevitably draw a lot of enthusiastic spectators.

Even though they have been extremely productive since the turn of the century, the Philly club hasn’t been crowned champion since 1960.

However, their star-studded roster and new and improved (still losing) roster have attracted far too much attention to this franchise.

Texas Rangers: know your team

Your Favorite Sports Teams Listed

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The Texas Rangers have clearly attracted a new swarm of die-hards who are hungry for that championship, despite the fact that back-to-back World Series defeats don’t sit well with supporters.

The successful Rangers (owned by legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan) tried their best to win over fans under the leadership of Josh Hamilton and his inspiring tale, but ultimately fell short.

Even so, their popularity is unaffected by repeated participation in the Autumn Classic.

Chelsea F.C.

Chelsea’s all-time attendance is consistent with their well-known reputation. They have won the English championship four times, the FA Cup six times, and the League Cup four times.

With 31,621, the swift club has consistently had the fifth-highest average attendance in English football history.

San Francisco Giants: know your team

The new-look Giants are probably winning over a new generation of supporters with their passionate character and attention to speed and defense. They have the most victories of any club in American baseball history and any North American professional sports team.

It is not surprising that the San Francisco franchise has the most Hall of Fame players in all of baseball. Their accomplishments of 18 World Series appearances, six World Series victories, and 21 National League pennants.

The New York Giants, who once called the Polo Grounds home, relocated to California after the 1957 campaign. Since then, a frigid Bay Area crowd has surely been warmed by four Pennants and the 2010 World Series.

Atlanta Braves

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The Braves are famous for winning the NL East division 14 times in a row from 1991 to 2005. They also gained a lot of fans while being shown on TBS, which was available nationwide until 2008.

Being the only MLB team to have won the World Series in three different home towns is unheard of. And they have also  won 16 division crowns, 17 National League pennants, and three World Series championships is astounding.


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