Tips in choosing the right type of kitchen sink


One of the most crucial choices you’ll make during your home interiors journey is choosing the proper kind of washbasin because it’s not something you can replace in a flash. Given the significance of kitchen sink designs, it would be helpful to be familiar with the fundamentals of sink design before settling on one.

Configuration of kitchen sink

Tips in choosing the right type of kitchen sink (Photo from iStock)

Nowadays, the kitchen sink is available in a range of configurations, each of which is tailored to a particular multitasking style. It is no longer a single-basin object. Because they make it possible to wash many large items at once, single-basin sinks are the most popular. Almost every sort of kitchen can use this style of washbasin.

You can prepare food for cooking and clean up in the same area thanks to the kitchen double sink’s two basins. With offset kitchen sink designs, where one basin is somewhat smaller than the other, a similar appearance can be achieved. These work best in tiny kitchens where there may not be much countertop space.

Shape of the kitchen sink

Despite the fact that you may not be installing a costly marble sink, the contour of your kitchen basin design is still important. Many home owners discover that sinks with rounded edges are simpler to clean when determining which sink to choose for the kitchen. This is because rounded corners, as opposed to corners with distinct edges, don’t trap dirt and food.

A contemporary kitchen sink’s sharp top edges and rounded bottom corners can kill two birds with one stone. In this case, you get from a nice design and practical utility. Any type of home would benefit from a contemporary kitchen sink with an integrated drainboard. But make sure there’s enough room on the countertop for it!

The right material

When selecting a washbasin, stainless steel is always a popular option. It is resilient, long-lasting, and nearly unbreakable. Even if hard water stains may start to appear from your taps, using the washbasin won’t be significantly impacted.

Kitchens decorated in a farmhouse or vintage design look better with porcelain sinks. But beware of chipping! Although stone and granite are also visually appealing options, over time they may prove to be costly and require a lot of upkeep.

Kitchen sink accessories

Tips in choosing the right type of kitchen sink (Photo from iStock)

Taps are usually the first item that springs to mind when thinking of kitchen sink accessories. They may make or ruin your experience, even if it may seem like a simple stylistic choice. This is because the positioning and aesthetics of your kitchen sink accessories may interfere with the room’s ability to function.

Even if you choose a traditional two-knob tap, think about installing an extending spray or shower arm to make it easier to fill large pots and clean up the sink’s farthest corners.

Standard height of sink

The first modular design components to become standardized were the washbasin and countertop. However, the height of the person using the kitchen may affect the height of the counter.

There should be roughly a 15 cm gap between the countertop and your elbow height. For obvious reasons, the washbasin is hence typically at the same height as the kitchen counter. The recommended sink depth, however, is 56 cm.

Appropriate size

You must take into account a number of factors when deciding the size of your kitchen sink. Typically, sinks are 22″ x 30″ in dimension. Single bowl sinks can be up to 36 inches wide, whereas double bowl sinks can be up to 48 inches wide.

The depth of the washbasin is another factor you should take into account. Sinks can range in depth from 6 to 12 inches. If you frequently overflow the sink with dirty dishes, get a sink with more depth.

Drainboard sinks

Tips in choosing the right type of kitchen sink (Photo from iStock)

Sinks with a drainboard feature have an attached element that opens into the sink from one side. The extra water drains into the washbasin as soon as you lay your wet dishes inside of this appliance.

Since it’s simple to dry utensils in one of these sinks, you won’t have to worry about where to store your wet cutlery again.

Sink strainer

Don’t you just detest it when while you are washing the dishes, little particles of leftover food get stuck in your washbasin? Therefore, a washbasin strainer is something you should buy.

A sink strainer is, as its name implies, a strainer that you can use in the sink to wash dishes, vegetables, etc. Any little parts will get caught in the strainer, which you can quickly discard later. A washbasin strainer is a kitchen necessity that is readily available on any e-commerce website!

See if cabinets need adjustment

Consider your cabinets as the building blocks for your sink; there is much more to think about than just cabinet fronts and where to get the best kitchen hardware. Unless you’re planning a complete makeover, you need to carefully choose the style based on what is currently there.

The most important factor to take into account is whether the new washbasin will fit in the current cabinets, given their depth and weight. The cabinets must be strong enough to support items like a porcelain farmhouse sink that can easily weigh over 100 pounds when full with water.

Single or double side?

Tips in choosing the right type of kitchen sink (Photo from iStock)

Have you ever come across someone who complained that their washbasin was too big? In our opinion, no. Consider a double-bowl washbasin if you have the room and the money. It facilitates clean-up by allowing you to distinguish between unclean dishes and usable washbasin area. It also allows you more time before you have to wash the dishes, which is ideal if you enjoy entertaining or have a large family that uses a lot of dishes each day.

If you like a huge washbasin with just one bowl and no middle divider, that is an alternative. This is perfect if you frequently wash large pans or service ware. Consider your cleaning and cooking procedures first.


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