Tips for achieving a bohemian decor at home


Today, the term “boho” is used to identify items that are unique and artistic. What does boho actually imply then? First off, it’s a shortened version of the French word “bohemian,” which refers to Bohemia, a territory in the modern Czech Republic.

The Romani people, the largest ethnic minority in Europe, were mistakenly thought to hail from Bohemia. Originating in India, the Romani were famed for their ingenuity and led mostly nomadic lives, with many of them being accomplished musicians, artists, and craftspeople.

Mixing patterns and colours

Throw pillow blending and matching can be done in a professional manner using a tried-and-true method, but there are no restrictions when designing a bohemian-style room. Boho fashion is characterized by vivid hues, a profusion of patterns, especially floral and paisleys, as well as natural prints and geometric designs. If flashy colours aren’t your thing, try a muted combination of olive green, cognac, mustard yellow, and rusty orange.

Even in a living room area you can add a layer of added comfort, flair, and eclectic spirit by scattering a variety of cushions and throws on a day bed or plain sofa.

Natural and rustic finishes

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Accessories made from natural or raw materials like hemp, sisal, wood, and rattan have become increasingly popular since the hippie influence of the 1960s and 1970s on boho design. Consider sisal area rugs, macrame plant hangers, braided wall art, or leather accent chairs. Even while using natural textures is important, don’t let that stop you from adding metallic accents, like a floor light for some shine, to go with the natural aspects.

Know the bohemian culture

When designing your room in a bohemian style, it’s crucial to understand exactly what you’re representing in terms of global and cultural elements. The Instagram account Afro Bohemian Living takes this to heart, incorporating classic bohemian elements while keeping distinctive African culture at the forefront. Her home is filled with African-inspired décor, including woven baskets, artwork, and ornamental things.

Add stuff from across globe

If you have the opportunity to visit far-off locales, hunt for gorgeous trinkets that will help you furnish your home with genuine items to give it a natural-eclectic vibe. If you can’t afford that luxury, you can still locate more accessible. And less expensive foreign accents by browsing charity shops, flea markets, and apps like Next-door and Mercery. Wherever feasible, try to buy things straight from the nations where they were produced. An ancient globe could be a quirky and lovable touch to your décor with a travel theme.

Go casual for bohemian style

When it comes to this look, keeping it casual is crucial to remember. Bohemian interior design is uncomplicated. Think of seating arrangements that promote talking, reading, listening to music, playing games. And lounging on the floor pillows and pouffes as opposed to watching TV or throwing formal dinner parties.

Layering many textures

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Boho-chic interior design can be achieved by layering textures. To add depth to a more minimalist room, layer boho-style bedding in a variety of textures, hues. And/or patterns, or place a chunky knit throw on your bed.

Mixing styles as bohemian look

Boho-style rooms use unusual and distinctive things in inventive ways, just like any eclectic, interesting home setting. The emphasis here is primarily on mid-century modern accessories. And items with a nod to the free-spirited hippy lifestyle of the 1960s and 1970s rather than subscribing strictly to one style. For instance, a modern white bookshelf with plants and a mid-century hairpin leg desk combined with a geometric print rug.

Be artistic while designing

Without a carefully chosen, imaginative combination of art and books, no bohemian-style setting would be complete. In fact, it’s possible that earlier beatniks had a much larger collection of books than they did of clothing, furniture, or other tangible belongings.

If you like this decorating style, you presumably already appreciate the arts, so you’re off to a good start. You are free to stack art books on the coffee table, frame record covers as wall art. Or display an eclectic assortment of art prints on a gallery wall that extends from floor to ceiling if your goal is to create a boho-style environment.

Try neutrals for bohemian style

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Boho is one of several styles that benefit from neutrals as a foundation. Focus more on working with your neutral colour scheme and sprinkling in a few bohemian flourishes. If you’re not as crazy about going colourful or extremely eclectic. This living area has a well chosen gallery wall with a variety of art prints. Which keeps everything in balance while maintaining the bohemian aesthetics slightly disorganized feel. The addition of a printed rug atop a solid white rug, as well as the leather and wicker accessories in the design, enhance the motif.

Adding plants

One can never have enough plants when decorating in a bohemian manner. They offer character to any space in your house and are the ideal functional design option. The plants in this living room belong to Leaf and Lolo. And they come in all different sizes, shapes, and designs. The wicker baskets and the macrame wall hanging only strengthen the bohemian theme.

A gallery wall

A space with boho design can really be elevated with gallery walls. Working with items as well as photographs or art prints is crucial. We suggest a humorous approach wherever feasible because there are really no rules. And certainly no rhyme or reason—to how your art collections and things should be organized.

Boho and Scandinavian vibes together

Despite certain contrasts, boho and Scandinavian fashion are sometimes associated together. Boho tends to be more free-spirited and flawed in its approach. Whereas Scandinavian styles place a greater emphasis on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. However, the two designs can blend effectively, particularly in bedrooms. The muted colour scheme and simple furnishings are complemented by amusing wicker baskets, plush blankets, and other cozy elements.


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