Scary Universe Facts which will Blow your mind


Scary universe facts which will blow your mind

Space needs to be eliminated because it is too terrible and black, and everything out there wants to destroy us. The scary universe holds many mysteries. But some of our most well-known billionaires appear to believe that sending humans into space is a better long-term survival tactic than merely working less hard to destroy the one planet we already have. The scary universe out there can be dangerous. The following bizarre and scary universe facts—which will undoubtedly make you grateful you were born on the good old Earth—might be of interest to them.

Galaxies out there: scary universe

Scary universe facts which will blow your mind


Groups of galaxies are being drawn towards the region that lies between the constellations of Centaurus and Vela. We can’t see this mystery object because it is too far away, but we can tell that galaxy clusters are travelling very quickly in its direction. Scientists surmise that The Thing could be so big it’s essentially tilting the universe.

Gunpowder in space

Returning astronauts after spacewalks describe a strange odor adhering to their spacesuits. Space “carries a distinct sense of ozone, a slight bitter smell…a little like gunpowder, sulphureous,” according to astronaut Thomas Jones. How about SATAN? This sounds scary, isn’t it?

The Galactic Cemetery: scary universe

MACS 2129-1 is its full name, however it is also known as “The Galactic Cemetery.” This young galaxy, 10 billion light years from Earth, stopped producing stars a few billion years after the Big Bang, for reasons that are unknown. Red dwarf stars in decline and dark exoplanets presently make up this system. This year has seen the discovery of six dead galaxies.

Gliese 436 b: scary universe

Scary universe facts which will blow your mind


Neptune-sized exoplanet Gliese 436 b is around 30 light-years away from Earth. The planet’s water has been compressed into Ice-X by strong gravitational forces, and despite the planet’s temperature being around 1000 degrees, Ice-X does not melt.

Exoplanet HD 189733b

Exoplanet HD 189733b is a nightmare world that appears tranquil and blue from a distance, but close up, molten glass is raining down and winds can reach 5,400 mph. If you were stupid enough to go, you would be hacked to ribbons and your body would be tossed around in the air until it disintegrated.

Dead animals in the orbit

Non-human test pilots were often launched into space during the early stages of space exploration, sometimes without consideration for how they could return. Dogs, chimps, mice, cats, frogs, and other animals made some safe returns, including several dogs. Some perished upon reentry or landing, while others flew on aircraft that were never found. So, it is conceivable that they are still in orbit, permanently preserved and drifting aboard abandoned ship.

White hole: scary universe

Some physicists assert that white holes exist, just as black holes sling all matter and light into some unfathomable existence (or non-existence). They are, in theory, the polar opposite of black holes, which are spaces in space-time where nothing can enter and everything can escape. Scientists believe that white holes, which eject everything at once, form entire universes, and it’s possible that the Big Bang was a white hole.

The attacking space: scary universe

Scary universe facts which will blow your mind


The Carrington Event differs from other space terrors in that it didn’t occur very far from you in either space or time. When a solar coronal mass ejection struck Earth in 1859, it caused a geomagnetic storm. Across the world, strange, vibrant auroras that were brighter than the moon were visible, and telegraph systems everywhere malfunctioned, with some people reporting that they caught fire. Our entire electricity and communication grid might be destroyed in a moment if a similar incident occurred right now (and it could happen at any time). Then, all that’s left up here is Mad Max.

Being astronaut sucks

I have bad news for those hoping for the day they can join Starfleet: Star Trek lied. It’s awful being an astronaut. Your feet’s skin begins to peel off. Unless you use a space diaper, floating poop is a serious worry. Many health problems could be brought on by cosmic radiation. You might go insane from the loneliness and boredom. Or to put it another way: Just remain.

Aliens: scary universe

You’re probably going to be let down if you expect pleasant aliens to appear, dance around, and pay your rent. According to the Dark Forest idea, aliens are intentionally hiding since they believe that any other extra-terrestrial race will kill them, which is why we haven’t heard from them. And right now, we are sending them broadcast messages. We could as well be inviting people to eat us!

Invisibility in space: scary universe

Scary universe facts which will blow your mind


Scientists have been successful in making people believe they are invisible. They were shown an empty space where their body should have been using virtual reality.

And convinced people by using paintbrushes on the arms of these subjects while simulating the usage of the identical brushes in empty space. They went one sadistic step further and used kitchen knives to stab at the air, which made the participants’ blood pressure rise because they believed it was a threat to their unseen bodies.

Colliding with Andromeda

Even though Andromeda, the greatest galaxy in our Local Group, is 2.5 million light-years away from Earth, it is travelling in a scary direction and may eventually crash with the Milky Way galaxy. Yet it will rule the night sky just before it does. Fortunately, Andromeda won’t get here for 3 to 5 billion years (opens in new tab).

Tremendous solar flare: scary universe

Scary universe facts which will blow your mind


High-energy solar particle bombardment on Earth is continual. The planet’s magnetic field typically deflects these solar assaults. A solar flare, a rapid flash of light that hurls enormous amounts of X-rays and energy in all directions and travels at the speed of light, is occasionally caused by magnetic contortions inside our star realigning. Signals for communications and navigation may go dark as a result. A coronal mass ejection (CME), a slow-burner that launches magnetized particles into space, is another possibility. A few days later, if the CME is directed towards Earth, geomagnetic storms occur, which have the potential to interfere with communications and electrical networks.


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