Increase Your Speed and Power in Hockey


Increase Your Speed and Power in Hockey

A strong shot can significantly improve your hockey performance, making you a better scorer and a more fearsome defender. It’s one thing to know how to create a great shot; it’s quite another to execute the moves perfectly. And there’s always an opportunity to increase power and speed.

Fortunately, improving your shot power can be done quickly and easily if you adopt proper shooting technique. There are a number of methods you can employ to increase your shot power. But in the end, repetition and practice will help you become more proficient. Moreover, it is never late to add skills into your athletic ability. It is a sign of a successful athletes, they never settle and always keep thriving for betterment.

Bend knees with shoulder and feet apart: increase speed and power

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assuming a correct hockey stance by bending your knees just a little and placing your feet around shoulder-width apart to create a stable foundation. Position yourself so that you have a solid base from which to launch a powerful shot as you prepare to take it.

You won’t be able to put all of your weight onto it if you take a shot when fully upright.

Lean onto you back leg: increase speed and power

By moving your weight to your back leg, start mobilizing the strength of your complete body. When you’re getting ready to take a shot, load up your energy and body weight into your back leg so you can transfer it for extra force without leaning back too much.

Extend your hand toward the goal

Increase Your Speed and Power in Hockey

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If you want to have better control of the puck as you line up for a shot, extend your upper hand towards the goal rather than keeping it close to your waist or side. Your stick’s handle will advance, giving you the opportunity to harness momentum to make your shot with extra force.

Push off your back leg: increase speed and power

When you’re ready to make your shot, make a single, fluid move to channel all of your weight and energy into it. This will allow you to use the full power of your body.

Leaning forward will make you unsteady on the ice and could cause your shot to miss its mark.

Snapping stick forward

Increase Your Speed and Power in Hockey

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In order to leverage the strength of both arms and your shifting weight for a stronger shot, draw back with your top hand on the stick while pushing forward with your bottom hand. Add a tiny wrist flip to the end of your push and pull motion as you shoot for the goal to increase torque and power.

Make an effort to move in a fluid and quick manner.

Put all your power into shot: increase speed and power

Your shot will have greater power if you add intention and consciously try to hit the puck as hard as you can, even though it may seem ridiculous or obvious. Imagine taking the hardest shot you can for an added burst of energy as you use your technique and put all of your weight into your shot.

You won’t shoot as hard if you’re not truly pushing yourself psychologically. Give it everything you’ve got, then!

Improve muscle memory

It’s one thing to prepare yourself, take your time, and aim for the goal with a powerful shot. However, you will need your body to perform fluently and smoothly without you having to think in the chaos and intensity of a live game, therefore it’s crucial to develop your muscle memory. The easiest way to achieve it is to repeatedly take 100 good shots at a goal each day.

To enhance your overall game, vary your shots. Take rapid, snappy shots that are close to the goal to increase your shot speed, and long-range shots to increase your accuracy.

Try weighted shots: increase speed and power

Increase Your Speed and Power in Hockey

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Attach a 2.5 pound (1.1 kg) weight to the end of your hockey stick, or fasten two pucks with holes in the middle. To strengthen the muscles utilized to take a shot and boost your total shot power, practice shooting with a weighted stick.

Avoid using really heavy weights. Keep it light so you can create explosive energy without running the danger of getting hurt.

Rotation exercises

Your core, hips, and arms will all be strengthened through rotational workouts, which will help you make powerful hockey shots. Take an exercise band and fasten it to a sturdy object like a pole or a squat rack. Stretch out the band and engage your muscles with resistance by grabbing the end of the band. Extend your arms, and rotating your entire body. To complete a set, go back to your starting posture and perform the motion 8–10 times.

For a strong rotating workout, perform three to five sets of eight to ten repetitions.

Use a band with the right resistance level for you. Choose the bands with less resistance if you’re just beginning out to lessen your chance of damage. There is always room for advancement!

Use slap shot: increase speed and power

Increase Your Speed and Power in Hockey

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One of the strongest shots in hockey is the slap shot. Its frequently utilized by defensive players close to the point, which is where the blue line crosses the boards on the defensive side of the ice. In a game, a slap shot will send the puck flying with a lot of speed and velocity if you need to make a strong shot.

Slap shots aren’t frequently used in actual games. But they’re an excellent alternative if you need to clear the puck away from your own goal. each hour!

By following these effective tips, you can definitely reap desired results.


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