Increase Your Power in Surfing with these Tips 


Increase Your Power in Surfing with these Tips

Surfing has progressed from modest beginnings to enormous mainstream popularity, and it likely always will be a highly gratifying and fun past time. You can increase power in surfing easily.  Finding the ideal wave on your own, alone with nothing but water surrounding you, and riding it to the top will give you the biggest natural high.

Surfing is no different from other physical activities in that it becomes more enjoyable as your fitness level increases. Your ability to surf for extended periods of time will quickly increase if you maintain a regular fitness plan that incorporates all of these activities.

Doing chin-ups: increase power in surfing

Increase Your Power in Surfing with these Tips

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You might be surprised to learn how much more your upper body plays a role in standing up on a surfboard and maintaining your balance. Finding a good wave and missing it because you couldn’t paddle or get up quickly enough is one of the most aggravating things for a surfer. Training your upper body is crucial in this situation. Chin-ups are one of the greatest exercises for surfers.

If you don’t currently perform chin-ups on a regular basis, you should begin by using a chin-up bar. Right over your shoulders, grab the bar with your hands, and hang there. Lift yourself up from this starting posture until your chin is over the bar. You should ideally perform two sets of six repetitions each, with a minute break in between. If you’re not yet capable of doing it, start with as many as you can and gradually work your way up to it.

Front squats: increase power in surfing

The right squat technique is also essential for standing up on the board fast and holding it in place. Front squats will not only help you become a better surfer, but they will also enhance your posture and endurance.

There should be three sets of 12 squats in each workout. Squats can be started by utilizing simply your bodyweight as part of your surf workout. You can then increase the weight after you’ve perfected a squat technique to strengthen your lower back, ankles, knees, and hip region.

Running exercises

Increase Your Power in Surfing with these Tips

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Cardio is a major component of any exercise program designed to increase endurance, including surf fitness programs. Running is the simplest approach to build physical endurance; just get out there and do it as often and for as long as you can. This will strengthen your legs, maintain you at your ideal weight, and improve your lung capacity—all things important if you want to spend hours out there catching waves.

In a perfect world, you would run for a certain amount of time, say, 30 minutes three times per week. If your time and schedule don’t permit it, you can still reap the rewards of running by doing it in quick bursts of speed rather than over extended periods of time. Your endurance will improve dramatically with just 10 minutes of fast sprints interspersed with brief rests.

Push-ups: increase power in surfing

The push-up is the multi-muscle exercise equivalent of the Swiss Army knife in terms of strength and fitness. As you paddle to a wave, attempt a duck dive, then rapidly spring up on the surfboard, developing your upper body and core strength will be of great benefit to you. Additionally, performing push-ups correctly and frequently will help you prevent shoulder issues.

Once you understand the proper form for a push-up, you can begin by performing as many as you can and then progressively increase the number as your fitness level improves. You can raise your legs or add weight to your back to make them more difficult if you want.

Mobility drills

Increase Your Power in Surfing with these Tips

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Mobility plays a significant role in endurance since it requires less energy to move your body naturally. It’s a quality that, as we become older or adopt a less active lifestyle, tends to swiftly disappear.

Just ten minutes of mobility exercises each workout will keep you flexible for years to come. Although you still need to warm up, be sure to gently stretch and rotate your ankles, hips, spine, neck, and shoulders. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Dumbbells drills: increase power in surfing

Dumbbells, which imitate the dynamic aspect of surfing, are a superior tool for training surfers than fixed resistance fitness machines. Additionally, you can find a dumbbell-based exercise for almost any muscle area, making them incredibly adaptable.

With bench presses, one-arm swings, and even deadlifts, you can strengthen your arms and upper body. You may strengthen your core and back by bending over at a 90-degree angle and performing rowing exercises while holding a dumbbell in each hand. As your strength improves, start with five reps each arm and work your way up. Additionally, you may perform push-ups and squats while carrying dumbbells, as well as many variations for everybody area.

Planks: increase power in surfing

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As we’ve already discussed, your endurance and surfing skill depend on having a strong core. Even though it may not seem like much from the outside, planking works every muscle in your body and is quite difficult to maintain for more than a few seconds.

To perform it correctly, you only need to lie on your stomach as you would for a push-up, but instead of pushing yourself up and down, you merely need to maintain a straight body while supporting yourself with your forearms. Keep doing it for as long and as frequently as you can, and you’ll start to see benefits shortly.

History of surfing

at July 1885, three Hawaiian princes who are credited with inventing surfing carried their redwood boards to Santa Cruz, California, and surfed the waves at the San Lorenzo River Bay. Hawaiian surfer George Freeth visited California in 1907 to show off his surfing skills. Two years later, at Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina, surfing made its East Coast debut. Surfing as a sport and a culture has become universal. Major tournaments are now conducted in Florida, California, Virginia, and Hawaii in the United States.


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