Improve Your Jumping Technique in Skateboarding With these Tips


Improve Your Jumping Technique in Skateboarding With these Tips

Alan “Ollie” Gelfand created the fundamental skateboard jump in 1970, and it immediately rose to prominence as one of the most significant tricks. When this trick is executed properly, the skateboarder can leap into the air while carrying the board with them in a manner that gives the impression that the board is fastened to their feet. You can improve your techniques easily.

If you intend to attempt additional, more challenging maneuvers, it is imperative that you master the “Ollie,” and learn it well. The “Ollie” is the foundation of many other skating feats. Fortunately, with enough practice, it is rather simple to master.

Find a good spot: improve skateboarding techniques

Improve Your Jumping Technique in Skateboarding With these Tips

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Find a flat area to practice this skill first. If you have never skateboarded before, you should do this in an area where the board will be perfectly stationary and not roll.

You could even want to begin on the grass or even a carpeted surface if you are worried about falling.

Positioning your feet: improve skateboarding techniques

Put your front foot two inches from your bolts and close to the center of your board. Your back foot should be on the tail.

Just behind the front bolts, your front foot should be totally on the skateboard.

Your rear foot’s ball should be in line with the middle of the board. As a result, your heel will protrude from the top of the board.

It is best to place both feet forward. Do not slant the board with any foot.

Pop the tail: improve skateboarding techniques

Improve Your Jumping Technique in Skateboarding With these Tips

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Push down quickly and firmly with your back foot on the board’s tail.

The skateboard’s tail will hit the ground as a result of the downward force you impart to it, creating a strong upward velocity as the board “pops” up. Consider doing this as a quick ankle flick downward.

Avoid pressing down on your tail too forcefully since doing so will cause your weight to prevent the board from rising into the air.

Sweep foot along board

As the front end rises, drag the side of your front foot along the board’s surface.

The board will be dragged upward with your body by the friction of your foot against the grippy grip tape.

Level up: improve skateboarding techniques

As you reach the highest point of your jump, lift your back foot and use your feet to level the board beneath you. To get the board level with your shoulders, you might need to slightly press down with your front foot.

Land safely

Improve Your Jumping Technique in Skateboarding With these Tips

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As you descend, extend your legs to the ground while maintaining your knees bent to minimize impact.

Keep your knees bent to prevent knee injuries and to maintain control of the board.

Work more on pop: improve skateboarding techniques

One of the most challenging aspects of learning this maneuver is figuring out how much force to apply to the tail to have the pop occur as it should.

In order to elevate the front end of the board and cause the tail to touch the ground with enough force to cause it to bounce high off the ground, you must press down forcefully and quickly enough.

The board will bounce higher up the harder you bash it down. Nevertheless, maintaining control is more crucial than making a high jump when you are initially learning how to do this. Achieve the ability to pop the board without losing control by experimenting with various forces.

Try for a clean sweep

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The sweep of your foot, which pulls the board up with you as you leap and maintains its direction of travel, is equally challenging. Additionally, there will be a significant bit of trial and error involved.

Keep your front foot loose enough to allow the ankle to roll just a little bit. You will need to develop the ability to control your first instinct to tense up these muscles.

When doing the sweep, which should bring your foot all the way to the front edge of the board, you must leverage the friction created between the edge of your shoe and the board to maintain control.

Work on your timing

Getting the time correct is another difficult aspect of performing this feat effectively. The actions must be completed quickly, in just a fraction of a second, even though they should be done in the order listed in Part 1.

In specifically, the pop and the jump must be performed practically simultaneously, in a single motion. Timing is crucial in this situation and will require practice.

You can view slow-motion recordings of people executing the trick to gain a better sense of the timing and to thoroughly examine the specifics of what you need to do.

Learning to land: improve skateboarding techniques

Finally, landing on the board without toppling over can be very challenging. The important thing in this situation is to maintain your knees bent and to level your board before it lands.

You should try to land with all four wheels on the ground simultaneously.

Throughout the process, keep your shoulders level. When performing this trick, resist the urge to lean forward because doing so could result in you landing on the front of the board.

Jump higher while moving

Improve Your Jumping Technique in Skateboarding With these Tips

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You will begin performing the higher jump while moving once you have mastered it in place.

The steps resemble jumping higher while stationary. However, you should go slowly when taking the first few steps.

You should eventually pick up the pace. Your jump will be higher the faster the moving object is.

Turn skateboard up and jump

The secret to this trick is that it makes the skateboard seem to stick to our feet when we jump high. Is there anything except natural attraction at play here?

Pulling the front foot towards the skateboard’s nose while making the skateboard bounce high is required to execute this move. Your back foot will kick down the tail while your front foot raises.


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