Improve Your Hitting Mechanics in Baseball


Improve Your Hitting Mechanics in Baseball

Every baseball player wishes they could hit with more power, but not all of them are born with Bryce Harper’s innate ability. There are many components that go into a strong baseball swing, and not every hitter responds well to a certain swing technique or form. You can improve your hitting mechanics easily.

There are, however, a few “Cream and Clear”-free techniques that can aid all players in gaining strength. Regardless of your favorite stance or swing, you can improve your technique and strengthen your mind and body for power hitting with the right plan and preparation.

Stand in batter’s box: improve baseball hitting

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When facing the pitcher, choose a position in the box on the left side of home plate, which will place you on the third-base side of the plate if you are a right-handed batter. Choose the right, first-base side, if you are left-handed. Affect home plate. With the end of your bat, touch the far side of home plate. until your arm is fully extended, step back.

Feel free to try standing on the opposing sides of the box. Right-handed hitters may favor standing on the right side of home plate, and left-handed hitters may favor standing on the left side.

Avoid placing yourself too near or too far from the plate. Outside pitches will be significantly more challenging to hit if you are too far away.

Determine dominant eye: improve baseball hitting

Place anything close to you at a distance of about 20 feet (6 meters), such as a batting tee or another player. Straighten your arm in front of you. Raise your thumb into a thumbs-up while keeping both eyes open to obscure the thing from view. Close one eye. Open that eye and close the other if your perspective does not change. Your dominant eye is whichever one can view the object for the first time.

Right eyes are frequently more dominant in right-handed folks. People that are left-handed usually have a dominant left eye.

Selecting the ideal stance at the plate will be aided by knowing which eye is dominant.

Choose your stance

Improve Your Hitting Mechanics in Baseball

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Choose between the closed, open, or neutral attitudes. Decide which one makes it simpler for you to maintain your dominant eye on the ball when making your choice. Think about how your foot positioning in each position impacts your swing. Additionally, depending on how quickly or slowly the pitcher is throwing, you might need to alter your posture. Whichever one you pick, bend your knees a little. Spread your feet to shoulder width or a few inches wider and point your toes towards the plate.

Holding bat properly: improve baseball hitting

Instead of cradling the grip in your hands, do so with the middle of your fingers. If you are right-handed, place your left fingers a few inches or so above the bottom of the bat. Next, position your right hand’s fingers over your left. Arms outstretched in front of you, as if you’ve just taken a swing. Make sure the palms of your left and right hands are facing up and down, respectively. Do the opposite if you are a left-handed person.

While maintaining a firm hold on the bat, make sure your grip is also free enough to allow your muscles to unwind.

Your grip should be adjusted to have a precise line between the second knuckles on both hands.

Raise your bat

Improve Your Hitting Mechanics in Baseball

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Maintain a straight line with your shoulders aimed at the pitcher. Bend each elbow. Draw the back of your elbow up and back until it is level with your back shoulder and facing squarely backward. Keep both elbows about 15 to 20 cm (six to eight inches) out from you. 45-degree angle with the bat over your back shoulder.

Your swing will be less powerful if you rest the bat on your shoulder or hold it horizontally.

Although it could be difficult for novices, holding the bat vertically might result in a more forceful swing.

Be sure to use the appropriate size bat. Using a bat that is overly heavy will prevent you from swinging through the strike zone.

Keep eyes on the ball: improve baseball hitting

Over your front shoulder, tilt your head towards the direction of the pitcher. Do not cock your head to one side; keep it straight and still. From the time the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand until you make contact with the bat, keep both eyes fixed on the ball.

Before batting in a game, try to swing a baseball bat as much as you can. Train until the swing comes effortlessly to you, without requiring any conscious effort. By doing this, you are better able to focus entirely on the ball rather than having to plan out your next move.

Load and stride

Improve Your Hitting Mechanics in Baseball

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Consider yourself the hammer of a gun pointed at the pitcher. Now picture yourself being cocked to fire as the ball draws near. Once your rear knee and shoulder are in line, shift your body’s weight on that leg (this is the “load”). Take a quick step towards the direction of the pitcher by lifting your front foot now (this is the “stride”).

Shorten your stride so that when you start to swing, your body can more readily transfer its weight from your back leg to your front leg.

Front leg stable: improve baseball hitting

Put your front foot down and hold it there all the way through your swing. If maintaining your knee straight causes discomfort, bend it a little. Utilize this leg to stop yourself from overflowing forward as a result of your swing’s forward momentum.

You’ll swing the bat slower if you move your front foot during the swing.

It will also be more difficult for you to maintain head stability if your front leg is unstable.

Swing with your hips

Improve Your Hitting Mechanics in Baseball

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Swing the bat using your entire body, not just your arms. Lead with your back hip as you start to swing, and then follow through with your arms and hands.  Maintain as near to your sides as you can with your elbows bent and tucked in.

As you swing, pivot such that your rear toes are looking in the direction of the pitcher.


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