How to design your kitchen that is ideal for entertaining


Are you fond of hosting parties at home? Your kitchen needs to be practical enough to accommodate events, whether they involve regular dinner parties, barbecues, or drink nights. You’ll want your kitchen to be a fashionable room where guests will want to spend time in addition to offering the space needed to prepare and cook for a crowd.

When planning your kitchen’s design or remodelling, it’s a good idea to keep these ideas in mind. Here are some suggestions for transforming this practical room into a place that’s suitable and enjoyable for meetings.

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A cramped kitchen that doesn’t appear to function or flow is not suitable for entertaining? Little room at the kitchen counter is also a problem? Being confined to the kitchen while the rest of the family congregates in the living room?

Simply put, your kitchen is broken, which turns entertaining from enjoyable to frustrating. All of those entertaining concerns can be taken care of when you’re ready for a kitchen remodel. Crowds typically gather in the kitchen during parties. With these creative suggestions, you can create the ideal kitchen for entertaining and turn your area into a hub for gathering.

Following are a few ways of designing your kitchen ideal for entertaining:

  • Plan Open Kitchens

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When there is a gathering in your kitchen, it’s crucial to make sure that everyone is at ease and can move around and interact without difficulty. Avoid layouts that feel cramped, such as those with tight corners or islands that are situated too close to the walls.

The ideal kitchen is one with no doors and an open layout since it exudes warmth and space. The greatest design for entertainment is unquestionably an open floor plan. This arrangement makes it simple to move food and beverages to other rooms in your house where visitors may be present. You might want to think about demolishing a wall if your kitchen is walled off in order to make it easier to move between rooms.

  • Create Connectivity and Circulation

Consider the interactions you and your visitors will have in and around the kitchen. Making ensuring that people can move easily from the kitchen to the living and dining areas, and vice versa, is crucial.

Place your kitchen next to (or near) any patios, gardens, balconies, or courtyards you have so that outside dining is an option. You won’t have to worry about your kitchen being too crowded if you build it with strong circulation and connectedness since the throng will naturally spill over to other sections of your house.

  • Put a beverage station

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For those who enjoy entertaining, a beverage station is a dream comes true because it enables you to set up a small area where guests can help themselves.

Without drinks, whether they are adult cocktails or homemade lemonade for the kids, the celebration wouldn’t be complete. So, take into account providing a wet bar where visitors may loiter and mingle. You can wash glasses more quickly because most wet bars have a sink and glassware storage, which reduces the time you have to wait for drinks. Additionally, it can be utilized to prepare some espressos after supper.

  • Install a Coffee machine

All hosts dream of serving properly prepared coffee to their guests with the least amount of hassle or work. A built-in coffee machine comes with an easy-to-clean foaming system that makes cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos in the barista style. Many coffee makers have various bean grinding settings and may brew two cups at once. A built-in coffee maker can be put in your kitchen or entertaining area.

  • Plan perfectly for Kitchen Storage

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When your home is crowded with guests and a meal is about to be served the last thing you want to do is search across the house for the extra-large dish. Remember the less glamorous subject of kitchen storage when designing your ideal entertaining kitchen.

Make a place for all of the plates, pots, pans, glasses, and serve ware you use frequently when entertaining. Consider the functionality of your current pantry and any modifications that would make it more user-friendly. Additionally, you could want to include cabinets that make it simple to conceal equipment like your coffee maker or blender that are often kept on your countertop.

  • Go Discreet Wherever You Can

Keep your kitchen from appearing too much like a place for cooking to give it a more comfortable “living room” feel. Set up streamlined or discrete cook tops, ranges, hoods, ovens, or other “hidden” kitchen appliances.

  • Increase Seating

An eat-in eating area will encourage visitors to linger. Friends and family can easily move between the kitchen and dining areas in this house. Thanks to the combination of a banquette, a dining table and chairs, and island seating. Additionally, a built-in bench’s base offers additional linen storage.

  • Set Up an Island

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A kitchen island is ideal for days when you’re hosting since it provides more prep room and extra seats when you need it. A warming drawer, wine refrigerator, or a second oven is just a few of the appliances that every host imagines having someplace to hide them.

Don’t forget to factor in any additional elements that will make the island more useful, like additional outlets or shelving. If you have two islands, you will have plenty of room. To make meals and host guests at the same time. When cooking a lot of food, two islands come in quite handy. You can utilize islands with your family at any time of the week for eating, working, or studying.

  • Get a Warming drawer

It may take several hours of cooking before your guests come to prepare for a dinner party. You should get as much done as you can. If you want to be able to start entertaining as soon as the doorbell rings.

You can prepare dishes and keep them warm until it’s time to eat by using a warming drawer. The temperature range that a warming drawer may accommodate is 90 to 250 degrees. Additionally, it preserves the quality of the food you have cooked from the time of preparation. Till the time of serving. Some drawers can be used as a slow cooker, while others feature dry and moist settings.


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