Equestrian Sports: How to Ride a Horse 


Equestrian Sports: How to Ride a Horse

Equestrian sport has the potential to be enjoyable. However, learning to ride a horse correctly requires a lot of expertise and instruction. Make sure you understand the correct ways to saddle, direct, and signal for your horse to move.

Prior to riding, you must also be proficient in groundwork and horse training! The most crucial aspect of horseback riding is preparation, which you should always complete before mounting your mount. Before you get on your horse, groundwork helps soothe them and establishes your authority over them.

Mounting the horse: equestrian sports

Equestrian Sports: How to Ride a Horse 

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When riding a horse, you should start by laying some groundwork. It’s simply a small amount of groundwork, but it won’t require you to exert yourself and wear out your horse! The next thing you should do is carefully mount your horse! The thought of mounting a horse scares a lot of people, but if you remain composed, it should be enjoyable and simple.

Using a mounting block is a good idea if you’re a novice rider. This is a little wooden stand that you can use to get yourself up onto the horse.  As you mount, you should also ask someone to support the horse’s head.

If you’re a novice, choose a horse that is well-trained. Younger or less experienced horses may wiggle and shift when being mounted. Pick an elderly equine that has a track record of being quiet and obedient during rides.

You should grip the reins firmly in your left hand if someone isn’t holding the horse’s head as you mount, but not so tightly that the animal pulls away from the strain.

Balance yourself: equestrian sports

After getting into the saddle, pause to check that your posture is optimal for balance. Maintain a straight back. Remember that you should be able to draw a straight line between your heel, hip, shoulder and ear when riding a horse. Maintain erect and even shoulders as well, with the majority of your weight supported by your buttocks’ seat bones.

Position your legs

Equestrian Sports: How to Ride a Horse 

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After you have a stable balance, arrange your legs correctly. Beginner riders may find this especially challenging, so take your time and make sure your legs are in the right positions. Maintain your heels directly beneath your hips.

Fold your legs inside out. As it can feel more natural, many beginner riders have their legs turned outward, with their knees protruding. Recall that your legs are forming a type of hug with the horse. With your legs bent inward towards the horse, you should not squeeze it too hard.

Style to move your horse: equestrian sports

There are several techniques to cue your horse to move when riding English style.

To begin, softly squeeze your legs against your horse’s side. This ought should tell your horse to start walking.

Your horse might require further prodding if he doesn’t react to this. You can give your horse a soft heel kick. But don’t kick too forcefully. Despite having thick hides, horses can get hurt if you kick them too hard. Usually, all it takes to induce a horse to walk is a light touch.

Moving along horses’ head

Equestrian Sports: How to Ride a Horse 

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A horse’s head moves in unison with his body when he walks, canters, or gallops. Give your hands permission to bob in time with the horse’s head. The horse may become harmed if you don’t observe its actions. The horse stretches out its neck when cantering, so give him plenty of rein when you start the canter.

Learn how to steer: equestrian sports

It’s critical that you develop your horsemanship skills. English-style steering is generally self-explanatory.

When you ride English, you make greater contact with the horse’s mouth. Use your right hand to very gently pull back to signal the horse to turn right. Pull back very gently with your left hand to tell the horse to turn left. You can progressively start tugging somewhat harder until the horse responds if the lighter pulling is ineffective.

A horse should be signaled to move by your body and legs as well. It is helpful to look in the direction you want to go. Your seat bones are movable to horses. To instruct a horse to change direction, you should also lightly pinch your legs. If you want your horse to turn right, for instance, squeeze your left leg; the animal will seek to escape the strain.

Learn to trot

Equestrian Sports: How to Ride a Horse 

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When the horse is comfortable walking, urge him to trot by softly pressing your legs into his sides. Maintain touch with your legs while sitting firmly on the saddle. Take care not to jerk on your horse’s mouth by maintaining a relaxed elbow position.

A “posting trot” is what some riders like over a sitting trot. Given that a trot is a bouncy gait, this may be more pleasant. Simply rise when the horse’s outside shoulder pushes forward and then softly settle back down in the saddle to prevent throwing the horse off-balance. This is how a “posting trot” is performed.

Practice advanced riding

Learning English-style dressage maneuvers, such as galloping and leaping, is enjoyable. But you ought to wait till you’ve gotten the hang of things. Before attempting anything new, practice the aforementioned methods for a few months at the very least. Inexperienced people should be extra cautious when galloping and jumping.

Grooming: equestrian sports

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The type of grooming required for horses varies based on whether they are kept indoors or outdoors. Always follow the directions and instructions provided by the horse’s owner. But there are some broad guidelines. Typically, a horse should be groomed before being ridden.

To get rid of sweat, loose hair, and dust from the horse’s coat, use a body brush to brush the animal’s fur all over its body. Apply the mane-and-tail comb correctly to the mane and tail.

After that, brush the horse’s body and legs with a dandy brush to get rid of any perspiration and muck. The horse’s face, mane, or tail should not be brushed with this brush due to its firmer bristles.


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