Choosing electric bikes: Things to know beforehand 


Choosing electric bikes: Things to know beforehand

A great way to accelerate your cycling experiences is choosing an electric bike. Depending on how you plan to use the bike, there are numerous makes and models with a range of motors, speeds, and pricing.

The many various types of electric bikes will be covered in this article, from commuter bikes for daily usage to mountain bikes designed for the ultimate wilderness adventure! Whatever you’re searching for, there is undoubtedly a bike out there that meets your needs thanks to the variety of alternatives available.

Commuter bike with slick tires: choosing E-bikes

Choosing electric bikes: Things to know beforehand

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For instance, a slicker tire will perform better on the concrete roads you encounter if you intend to bike to work each day. You might also use your e-bike for a variety of purposes. In that case, pick the bike that best suits the purposes for which you will use it most frequently.

Instead, invest in a vehicle with tires that have a little more tread since they can handle uneven terrain.

Bike for adventure: choosing E-bikes

Choose an e-bike with tires with enough tread to handle rocky, unpredictable terrain if you intend to mountain ride or bike in the bush. Additionally, a model with wider tires is ideal for mountain riding because they can tolerate rougher terrain.

If you’re still unsure about which model will suit you the best, visit a bike shop and see a professional. They can assist you in choosing a bike that will support your objectives.

Peddling rate

Choosing electric bikes: Things to know beforehand

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These are the most popular e-bike versions, and they provide you more flexibility in deciding how quickly you want to go in the end.

Pedelec e-bikes have a speed cap that may differ depending on where you buy the bike. Standard models often have a speed limit of 15 mph or around 25 km/h.

Twist ‘n go bikes: choosing E-bikes

These types are less popular than pedelec versions, and depending on where you live, they can even have more complicated riding regulations. For instance, in countries like the U.K., several twist-n-go bike models are classified as mopeds, necessitating a license and additional insurance.

If speed is your first objective, twist-n-go machines could be able to go faster than the typical 15 mph limit, which might make the additional requirements worthwhile.

Hub drive motors

Choosing electric bikes: Things to know beforehand

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An electric bicycle with a hub-drive motor has a motor in the middle of the front or back wheel. These types, which are the most popular, are excellent if you want to ride your bicycle for a variety of activities.

Mid drive motor bike: choosing E-bikes

These bikes have a motor that is situated in the middle, between the pedals. Because of its compact size and ability to deliver more torque while utilizing less battery power, the motor is a fantastic option for steep terrain.

Choose an e-bike option with a mid-drive motor if you frequently ride uphill or enjoy outdoor adventures.

Battery voltage of electric bikes

Choosing electric bikes: Things to know beforehand

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The features of the e-bike you’re evaluating will most likely include information on the battery voltage and continuous amperage (amp-hours). The watt-hours, or how far and how long you can ride that model without charging the battery, are calculated by multiplying the two figures together.

Consider a bike with a 750 watt power rating, a 48 volt battery pack, and 14 amp hours. The bike’s range would be calculated using the formula 48 x 14 = 672 watt-hours. This bike could travel around 34 miles before requiring a charge because each mile uses about 20 watt-hours.

For leisurely bike rides of roughly 8 miles roundtrip or everyday commuting, a power rating of 750 watts is a great option. Consider a bike with a greater power rating and a longer battery life if you’re interested in longer bike trips that may go beyond that 34-mile threshold.

If you’re having trouble finding this data, ask a bike shop specialist for assistance; they can point you in the right direction and ultimately help you calculate the energy efficiency of your potential e-bike.

Efficient battery

Typically, lithium-ion batteries power e-bikes. Prior to wearing out, being in need of replacement, or running out during weekday commute, these last roughly three years. To get the most use possible out of your device, pick a model that uses a strong battery because batteries lose charge over time.

Think about batteries produced by reputable brands like Sony, Panasonic, or Samsung.

Typically, the battery on an e-bike is nicer the more expensive it is. If you intend to use your e-bike frequently for many years to come, think about a more expensive model.

Number of persons going to ride electric bike

Choosing electric bikes: Things to know beforehand

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It’s possible that your kids might wish to accompany you. If so, you might be better off purchasing a conventional e-bike with a seat. However, e-bike versions like cargo bikes can handle those extra seats if you’ve got a few kids you’d like to bring along with you on your bike ride.

If you travel by bike or need to carry a lot of goods, even if you’re the only person using it, you might be interested in some extra room. If so, a cargo bike might still be your best option.

Buying electric bike online or from store: choosing E-bikes

Although the final decision is yours, there are some definite advantages to purchasing an e-bike from a nearby bike store. Bike shops offer a specialized variety and have professionals on staff who can assist with queries and provide more details on how to ride and maintain your new bike. Going into a bike store may be your best option if you are just starting out with e-bikes.

E-bikes can also be purchased online. Although these devices could be less expensive, you should use caution. If your bike is broken during delivery or you have any other problems, buying a bike online from an unhelpful company can really leave you feeling bewildered.


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