Best personal finance books: build your own finance guide


Best personal finance books: build your own finance guide

Building your own finance guide seems an impossible task to all. One needs to visit many sites and countless articles to know about finance. But what else could be better than reading books about finance and learning how to manage your finance.  In this article we have provided you with eight best personal finance books in order to build your won finance guide. At times, you know, it could be fun reading books!

The millionaire next door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko 

The Millionaire Next Door Summary - Returns Rinse Repeat personal finance books


The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko provides precise solutions to your dilemma if you have a million-dollar dream but no idea how to go about realizing it. The book, which was a best-seller in 1998, elaborates on the notion that the truly affluent individuals are not those who live in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue. The very wealthy may reside next door or across the street from you.

Instead of focusing on any pop stars or athletes, this book entirely focuses on the large number of wall-board manufacturers—especially those who take inexpensive, infrequent holidays!

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki: personal finance books

Best personal finance books: build your own finance guide


The book explains the difference between earning money by working and earning money by making money work for us. The author explains many financial and economic concepts using several instances from his own youth to help us understand the basic notion. Throughout the entire book, the author contrasts his own father’s (or Poor Dad) spending habits with those of his closest friend’s (or Rich Dad), mostly to highlight the disparity in mindset between the rich and the poor. Additionally, the author uses several novel approaches to clarify concepts that are typically complex. The book’s intriguing subject matter and straightforward storytelling have made it one of the top personal finance books of all time.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey: personal finance books

The book is especially written for those who have financial difficulties and frequently find themselves reeling from mounting debt from credit card, mortgage, and other sources. The author exposes the shortcomings in our abilities to handle our money that we typically prefer to ignore in the most severe manner possible. According to the author, it is preferable to live within your means in order to ensure a happy future that is free from any debt obligations. He illustrates using his personal experience how exercising some discipline and acting responsibly allowed him to recover his financial standing after declaring bankruptcy.

I will teach you to be rich by Ramit Sethi: personal finance books

Best personal finance books: build your own finance guide


For those with little to moderate knowledge of personal finance, this book can be a fantastic place to start. Although an investing strategy is suggested, it doesn’t per se advocate any wacky investment schemes. The author’s use of clear, uncomplicated language makes it simple and understandable for beginners or those without a background in finance. The author places particular focus on the function that retirement funds play in the development of personal wealth among the different ideas covered in the book. In addition, the book’s other investment recommendations can aid in the formation of sound money management practices. In other words, you can only successfully develop an investment strategy where your money increases automatically if you can strictly adhere to the advice offered in the book.

The Automatic millionaire by David Bach: personal finance books

One straightforward concept—automating your finances—is taught in this book by financial journalist David Bach. This book makes the argument that putting up your finances to manage themselves could aid in long-term wealth growth, from saving to debt repayment. A strategy that can be implemented in a single afternoon and have a significant impact is laid forth in this book.

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill: personal finance books

Best personal finance books: build your own finance guide


One of the first widely read books on money management and character development is this one. It included the philosophies of notable men like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford. And others when it was first released in 1937, at the height of the Great Depression. To ensure that the fundamental teachings in the book continue to be applicable even today, it has undergone multiple modifications over the years to include the newer breed of brilliant individuals such as Bill Gates, Sir John Templeton, etc. The author forces you to do more than just read the book by giving you a number of tedious activities to complete, like writing down your daily goals. The book actually aims to develop your character rather than just make you affluent.

Real Money answers for every woman: How to win money game with or without man by Patrice C. Washington

Money and women seldom walk in a straight path. According to the stereotype that women are frivolous spenders. I think it’s time we did a reality check with the help of Patrice C. Washington’s well-known, award-winning, self-published guide. Which helps women get out of debt, rehabilitate their credit, and finally achieve their financial goals.

Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman: personal finance books


Best personal finance books: build your own finance guide


The Best Book Award from the National Academy of Sciences was given to this book in 2012. It has been chosen as one of the greatest books of 2011 by the New York Times Book Review. And as one of The Globe and Mail’s Best Books of the Year 2011. One of The Economist’s top 2011 books, the book by Daniel Kahneman. Was also named one of 2011’s Best Nonfiction Books by The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, Thinking, Fast and Slow was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013. With so many accolades, we will undoubtedly have to go into greater detail. If you still aren’t persuaded to read and purchase this book.

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