Best Drills for Improving Reaction Time in Sports


Best Drills for Improving Reaction Time in Sports

Working on your reflexes is an excellent habit to keep up throughout your life, whether you want to increase your reaction time in a professional sport or react with superman speed while gaming. You need to try these best drills.

It’s entertaining too, as you can focus on your cerebral flexibility by playing computer games and cognitive teasers before working on your physical agility with ball and agility drills. You can even develop a specific training schedule in collaboration with a sports trainer. Get ready to start awe-inspiring yourself, your loved ones, and others with your cat-like reflexes!

Play video game for 30-minutes: best drills

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Your brain’s capacity to comprehend information may grow due to the fast-paced nature of gaming. You might also have to practice making snap judgements based on incomplete information because of the gaming environment.

In case you needed any additional incentive to play video games, research indicates that players of action games exhibit up to a 25% faster decision-making rate than non-players.

Brain training

Avoid training in the same technique again; if you do, your brain will get used to it and you’ll lose your edge. Try using some “traditional” brain training techniques instead, such playing cards or a computer game.

You might also try to memorize a list of numbers by looking at them one by one. Then, test your memory by seeing how long it takes you to correctly recite the numbers. Choose the phone digits of your friends and family so you may practice your reflexes while also learning their numbers.

Speed your decision making: best drills

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Say to yourself, “faster, faster,” until you make a decision, if you feel like you’re taking too long or delaying something. Repeating this procedure can also help you become accustomed to the pressure that comes with making quick decisions and teach you how to maintain composure under duress, a useful ability regardless of how quick your reflexes get.

Play some online games that need you to make snap judgements. You will need to think more quickly to keep a high score in these games because of the timer.

Reading single page

You can measure how long it takes you to read a page by timing yourself as you go. Then, try to reduce the time while maintaining understanding of the topic. To keep your mind open, do this with a diversity of reading. You might also enroll in a speed-reading course at a nearby college or online. You’ll soon be reducing the amount of time you spend studying as well as your reaction times.

Another technique for improving your reading speed is to scan a page and highlight one letter at a time. Therefore, on a single page, cross out each “a” using a pencil. Repeat the process with additional letters until you feel your speed picking up.

Chew gum when you make decision: best drills

Best Drills for Improving Reaction Time in Sports

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gather some sunflower seeds. It has been hypothesized that chewing activates the muscles in your mouth and jaw, which then increase blood flow and brain activity. The initial effect just takes 10 seconds to happen, and the boost lasts for at least 15 minutes. Enjoy the flavor explosion as well!

The advantages of this step are generally estimated in milliseconds of difference and are not always visible to the human eye. But even a slight reduction in time can benefit athletes, who can benefit most from it.

Planning ahead

get your game face on! Consider how you must be precise and quick in your forthcoming task as you sit. Before you start, it’s helpful to mentally run through all of your preparations and picture the task at hand. You can learn to control your stress nerves and use them to your advantage by approaching a task in a calm, methodical manner.

Reminding yourself that you are in control can also help reduce the likelihood of making nervousness-related blunders like commencing queue jumping.

Undivided attention: best drills

Best Drills for Improving Reaction Time in Sports

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Try to block out everything else that might catch your attention if you are working on something that needs focus and speed. Turn off the radio and engage in less conversation with the passengers if you are travelling in poor weather and need to act swiftly, for instance. If they are confident in the care their driver is giving them, they won’t mind the silence.

Additionally, you can mix this with other speed training. Reduce distractions in your room, for instance, if you’re playing a video game so that you can concentrate.

Train your eyes

Choose two comparable objects, set one close by and the other farther away, and then start them up. Rotate between the two and make an effort to read each one. Inquire with your eye doctor about additional workouts.

A sports vision specialist is a good person to talk to about eye agility training. Visit the American Optometric Association website and perform a doctor search to find a doctor in your area.

Test your reaction speed

To hold it vertically by the top, ask a friend. Ask your friend to drop the card suddenly as you align your fingertips with the bottom edge of the card. As soon as the card is dropped, rapidly catch it with your fingertips. This will demonstrate how rapidly you can react.

You probably have quick response time if you take the card at the bottom.

You can have slow reaction time if you only take the card from the top or entirely miss it.

Try ball drills

Best Drills for Improving Reaction Time in Sports

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Play catch, kick a football around or perform another sport-related exercise. You may also think outside the box and play a different sport with the ball. Increase the number of partners to add a new difficulty. If you’re a catcher in baseball, for instance, check how quickly you can spin around and grab the ball when your partner throws it behind you.

Try out juggling. You must think quickly and take action to collect the balls as they fly through the air. Regular practice can improve your speed, lower your reaction time, and offer you a wonderful party trick.


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