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For thousands of years, people have consumed this traditional beverage. We have experienced the ups and downs of daily life as well as the rise and fall of several civilizations while drinking beer. It continues to be popular in the modern period. Here are some of the best-selling selections with fascinating facts and drink details like alcohol by volume (ABV) and calorie content if you’re inquisitive about the most popular beer in the world.

In this post, we’ll go out on a mission to locate some of the world’s top beers.

The Art of Brewing

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Before discovering the best beers, it is essential to comprehend the art of brewing. Beer brewing is a special example of the confluence of science and creativity. Water, malted barley (or other grains), hops, and yeast are the four main components used to make beer.  The steps in the brewing process are:- mash the grains, boil the wort (unfermented beer), add hops for flavor and aroma, use yeast to ferment, and condition the beer for taste and clarity.

In addition to the superiority of their ingredients, the top brewers in the world distinguish out for their abilities, innovation, and dedication. It calls for command of these procedures and a steadfast dedication to excellence.


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For a very long time, Budweiser, also referred to as “the king of beers,” was the most popular beer in the entire world. Even though they are both produced by the same firm, Bud Light now holds the same royal title.

Several intriguing details regarding this well-known beer brand: It was initially developed in 1876 but was put on hold during the Prohibition era by a ban. The market was in a slump during World War II. Then, in 2008, the parent firm of Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch, was acquired by Belgian brewing corporation InBev.

German Precision: Weizenbock

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The Weizenbock stands out as a true diamond among the broad spectrum of German beer styles. Germany is known for its accuracy and devotion to quality, and this is also true of its beer.

A robust wheat beer known as a “Weizenbock” is distinguished by its dark amber color, full body, and a flavorful balance of malt sweetness and yeast-produced esters and phenols. The Weihenstephaner Vitus is among the finest illustrations of this style.

The oldest brewery in the world, Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan, produces Vitus, a beer with a delightful blending of banana and clove flavors and a silky, somewhat sweet finish. It’s a beer that displays the precision of German brewing since that’s where art is at its best.

American Craft Revolution: Russian Imperial Stout

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One of the most well-known beer styles to develop as a result of the craft beer movement in the United States is the Russian Imperial Stout.
It is a type of beer that dates back to the 18th century, when England began producing robust, strong brews for export to the Russian Imperial Court.

The rich, roasted malt flavor, high alcohol concentration, and intricate flavor profiles of Russian Imperial Stouts are well-known characteristics. The Founders Brewing Company’s “KBS” (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) is a well-known example of this kind.

After being brewed, it is aged in bourbon barrels with coffee and chocolate. Rich flavors of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and vanilla are prominent in it, and they are all expertly incorporated with the oak and caramel notes of the bourbon barrel. It is a beer that perfectly captures the essence of American craft beer: it is daring, cutting-edge, and totally wonderful.


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A staggering 22.9% of the beer market in China is accounted for by the Chinese beer brand Tsingtao. Because, China’s large population makes it one of the world’s top-selling alcohol brands just based on the strength of its domestic sales.

This top-selling beer brand has a complicated past. Certainly it has a close connection to Qingdao, the hometown of this pale lager, which Germany briefly occupied. The beer is now offered in many nations and is distinguished by its distinctive green bottle and fruity aroma. There are 157 calories and a 4.5% ABV in this beverage.

Corona among popular beers

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This well-known beer brand shouldn’t be confused with the coronavirus. Despite, the fact that we are aware the coincidence naming is terrible. Above all, Corona is one of many well-known and fashionable Mexican beer brands.

This 4.5% ABV, 148-calorie pilsner is a light golden color. Also it tastes fantastic with a fresh lime wedge, which is especially cooling while lounging on a patio in the heat.


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One of the most popular beers in the world, Heineken has been made in the Netherlands for more than a century.

Its popularity can fluctuate depending on where you are in the world.  Whether you’re Dutch or not. But, it has constantly held the top rank overall among beer consumers. The ABV of this alcoholic beverage is 5.0%, and a bottle contains 148 calories. It is regarded as a premium lager beer.

Molson Coors

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Molson Coors, the world’s best-selling brewer (formerly MillerCoors before its acquisition), is the source of Coors Light. This beverage is a favorite all over the world. And among the most consumed in America. With production plants in Colorado, Georgia, Virginia, and Wisconsin, Coors Light may be found on store shelves around the country.

Its distinctive silver packaging, light golden hue, and casual sipping characteristics are easily recognizable. It has an ABV of 4.2% and 102 calories, making it a lighter beer.


Sapporo Premium, a Japanese beer with more than a century of history, a stellar reputation, and some of the most captivating advertisements we’ve ever seen, must be included.

This beverage has a crisp, slightly bitter flavour and a beautiful gold colour. It has a greater alcohol by volume (ABV) than other lagers at 4.9%, and each serving has 140 calories.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Not necessarily a beer you’d anticipate seeing on the “world’s most popular” list is Pabst Blue Ribbon. After all, the home market typically contributes to its strength. However, as a representation of American brewing methods, this light, malty lager makes significant progress abroad. It’s accessible in a number of nations. The ABV is 4.6%, and each can contains 144 calories.


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