13 Time Management hacks to improve your life

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Have you ever questioned why certain people are so productively successful? You are aware of those persons who consistently reply to emails and complete tasks on schedule. Not because they put in 80 hours every week at work. They are experts of time management, which explains why they are so productive. Everyone should learn time management as soon as possible, but it can always be improved. Reviewing these time management tips is a good place to start.

Following are a few tips for time management:

1. Have a to-do-list for time management

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Do you feel like you have too many duties to complete? A to-do list is the best tool for organizing your thoughts and tasks in that case. It’s also incredibly satisfying to check off each duty as it is finished.

2. Organize your day

Organize your entire day in the morning. This includes all activities, such as reading emails, holding meetings, and the distance travelled during your daily commute. If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail, as Benjamin Franklin once stated.

3. Schedule on a calendar app for time management

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It is useless to keep track of all of your appointments in your head. The most prosperous people make use of calendar tools because of this. Calendar is the most crucial item, according to Mary Callahan Erodes, CEO of JPMorgan Asset Management.

I made Calendar to boost my productivity. Google Calendar can also be used to get reminders and stay organized. Maintaining productivity in how you plan meetings and use your time is the key to making this work.

4. Be an early bird for time management

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Do you succumb to the urge to put anything off? It’s not just you. After all, you still manage to complete everything, right? Getting up early and starting your day before anyone else is much better and less stressful. For instance, you would react to emails first thing in the morning rather than when you are at work. You can then pay attention to your top priorities.

5. A weekly review

Weekly reviews are a great time management practice to get into. The Weekly Review involves the following phases, according to David Allen, the author of the venerable Getting Things Done:

  • Get precise and current
  • be imaginative

You may manage your schedule, keep organized, and prevent unpleasant surprises with the aid of this technique.

6. Wasting time is okay

As was already mentioned, interruptions are inevitable. Do not feel that talking to your best friend for 20 minutes wrecked your day’s productivity. You have just temporarily gotten off course; now is the time to go back on course.

7. Turn off email notifications

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It’s crucial to keep up with your email, and you should reply to it as soon as possible. But that doesn’t imply you have to answer right away. You lose focus when you pause to check your email. Then, because your attention is hopping between ideas, it is more difficult to dive back in.

Turning off social media and email notifications is the simplest approach to prevent this from happening. Following that, you must designate particular times to check your emails. For instance, I check mine both in the afternoon and within the first 30 minutes of waking up.

8. Procrastination is enemy

Do that unpleasant activity you’ve been putting off right away!

Eat that frog, Brian Tracy said, and follow his counsel. Simply working on your least favourite chore first will keep the day’s momentum rolling. Procrastination is an enemy for you.

9. Multitasking may hinder

Multitasking is inefficient and wasteful. Even though it may seem counterproductive, single-tasking will help you do more. This is because you’ll focus entirely on the current work.

For instance, set aside an hour in the morning to concentrate on a customer proposal. Give yourself a rest and focus on the following priority after that.

10. Enjoy small tasks

A great time management trick is to start with the most difficult activities. But maybe you need to finish a lesser, simpler assignment to gain a quick victory. As an illustration, make your bed as soon as you wake up.

This is effective since you completed the task and it is now out of the way. This causes your mind to think, “I took care of it! This next assignment I can definitely tackle, too!” Don’t devote all of your attention to simple things when you’re feeling down.

11. Organize stress for time management

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Clutter makes life more stressful and takes our focus off the task at hand. Even worse, it can tell our brains that there is always more to accomplish. It makes reasonable that you would continually be looking for the things you require.

Purge the things you don’t need or want on a regular basis. Put everything in its proper place. Enjoy yourself while organizing and decluttering by playing your favourite music in the background.

12. Look your time to groove

Everyone has a period of day when they are functioning at their best. For you, this might occur after your morning coffee, in the late afternoon, or even at two in the morning. Whenever it is, take advantage of your peak periods of production to complete as much as you can.

Want to know when you’re most productive? Start by assessing how focused and energized you are. Early in the morning is when I’m most awake and focused.

13. Ignore bullies

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There are the individuals who bother you, whether at home or at work. For instance, the client may frequently phone or email you during your vacation. Or the children who barge into your office when you’re working.

Don’t allow these thugs to manipulate you. Your work time is when you are working for pay. You are not on the clock, though, during your lunch break. Keep in mind that you own that moment.

There are two strategies you can use to stop this. First, practice saying “no” when you’re busy. A “do not disturb” notice posted on your door is the alternative.



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